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MIA Cultural Show Recap

On Friday, Mar. 1, 2024, the Meredith International Association hosted its annual Cultural Show. The Cultural Show provided Meredith students as well as students from outside of Meredith with an opportunity to showcase their culture’s attire, music, poetry and dance. Featuring cultures from around the world, including Sudan, India, Mexico, South Korea, Ethiopia, Gambia and so many more, the Cultural Show allowed for students of all nationalities to share their culture with the Meredith community, hosted by Shae-Lynn Henderson, ‘25, and Genesis Romero, ‘25. 

MIA co-president, Daniella Martin, ‘25, stated that the Cultural Show is “the biggest event of the year” for MIA and that they “like to invest a lot of time in it.” Martin said that planning began in Nov. 2023 and took an additional 2 months to fully plan, during which MIA held weekly meetings to delegate and check in on the progress of the event. Martin noted that MIA “counted on amazing volunteers that worked closely…for two months, and that made the job easier!” In terms of accessibility, Martin explained that the event was held in Carswell Auditorium to accommodate a large audience, and MIA “made sure to properly signal the wheelchair accessible entrance,” as well as accommodate several allergies and different dietary restrictions at the reception afterward. MIA also made a recording of the event and had a “live showing of the show in a separate room in case someone was overstimulated or sensitive to loud noise and lights.” 

Several student volunteers contributed either as models or performers. Catalina Svec, ‘27, modeled for India. Svec said that “The best part of being a performer in this past cultural event was meeting the talented individuals who were also in the show.” She also said that the experience helped her learn “the art of exuding confidence,” and she enjoyed seeing her “fellow students…embrace their culture in an artistic way that can resonate with an individual from any other culture.” Leslie Kramer, ‘27, participated with Attan Dance Group, representing Afghanistan and Pakistan. Kramer was “honored that [their] friends wanted [them] to share in their culture” and that they “felt connected with other people, not despite cultural/ethnic difference[s] but because of them.”

The show was also well received and enjoyed by students. Darian Miller, ‘27, stated that “It was a really wonderful experience getting to see so many beautiful cultures displayed in one event” and that she hopes “to be a part of the showcase next year.” Many attendees found the experience to be uplifting and a great opportunity to engage with other cultures. Claire Jacoby, ‘24, said that “The atmosphere [of the show] was so welcoming and uplifting as students shared pieces of their culture with the Meredith community.” The Cultural Show was well organized, and the efforts of the MIA could be felt in the show. Sara Shuller, ‘24, found “the whole event” to be ”very entertaining and organized well.” Jacoby added that she thinks “everyone at Meredith should attend this event as many times as possible!” 

The MIA Cultural Show provides the Meredith community with an opportunity to engage with their own and other cultures. The show gives students of all origins and nationalities the chance to show off their cultures and talents in a fun and exciting way. Although the show has been disrupted in previous years due to COVID-19, the MIA Cultural Show has returned in full force and is not likely to be going anywhere in the next few years.

By Lola Mestas, Copy Editor, and Haileigh West, Associate Editor

Photos courtesy of MIA


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