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MIA's Model UN Dinner Update

On Nov. 15, 2023, the Meredith International Association (MIA) hosted a dinner in support of the organization Women for Afghan Women (WAW). Women for Afghan Women is an organization “meeting the humanitarian needs” of Afghans “despite strict restrictions on work imposed by the Taliban.” The organization is also known for  helping immigrants from Afghanistan settle in the United States. During the dinner, the WAW speaker explained that due to the Taliban’s takeover in 2023, the organization had been heavily impacted. After the earthquakes, and with less aid available, the MIA intended to help WAW provide support to Afghan women. The MIA dinner raised $3,342.61, according to MIA co-president Atiqua Prithu, ‘25. 

According to WAW, as shared with Atiqua Prithu, the money raised from the dinner was used to “provide critical assistance to Afghan women and families affected by the earthquakes in Herat,” and “over 350 food packages and essential items such as tents, blankets, hygiene kits, and cooking kits” were distributed using the funds.The aid comes after the International Federation of Red Cross’s appeal for 132.64 million dollars was only 36% funded, as many countries were reluctant to deal directly with the Taliban-controlled government. Because the earthquakes occurred a few months before winter, there were also additional concerns over dropping temperatures and the number of people who had been displaced by the quakes. WAW stated that the supplies distributed were “vital for survival” in the cold. WAW also said that “ongoing support is crucial for [its] efforts to provide care for children in [it’s] Children’s Support Centers,” as it is the “only organization in Afghanistan offering 24/7 support for incarcerated parents’ children.”

WAW told MIA that it will “continue to distribute humanitarian aid packages and earthquake relief packages across Afghanistan.” The support is vital to Afghan women and families that have been impacted and still are being impacted by the earthquakes. WAW also works to provide supplies to underserved schools and to break down barriers to women’s education. WAW is reliant on support from donations in order to fund its programs. 

Prithu stated that, in the future, MIA’s plans “include hosting MIA Dinner events that fundraise for causes, aiming to contribute to impactful initiatives and make a difference.” MIA’s events can help the Meredith community learn about what is going on in other parts of the world, as well as help make an impact and give help as needed. As the WAW continues its efforts in Afghanistan, Meredith’s MIA has helped families in need and educated the community about a vital issue that is still urgent, even if it’s no longer hitting the headlines.

By Lola Mestas, Copy Editor

Graphic by Shae-Lynn Henderson, EIC



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