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New Semester, New Dean of Arts & Humanities

- By Tishya Robertson, Staff Writer -

The new academic year at Meredith began with new classes and new faces, including the new Dean of Arts & Humanities, Dr. Sarah Roth.

Roth explains that the duties of a dean include acting as a liaison between faculty and upper administration, attracting prospective students, and helping current students seek prospects after graduation.

Dr. Roth jokes that being at a women’s college is a lot more fun than being at a co-ed one. She believes that because of Meredith, “women are poised to advance and be real leaders in society.” Roth elaborates that the emphasis of having women in leadership roles is necessary at both women’s colleges and co-educational institutions, enabling women to “break through the glass ceiling.”

She encourages students in the School of Arts & Humanities to be proud of their majors because Meredith degrees are extremely valuable; 93% of Meredith alumnae are employed or attending graduate school in just a few months after graduation.

The 2017-2018 school year will bring more of Meredith’s mission to life. Dr. Roth is working on a strategic plan to “expand the mission in exciting ways.” 

Dr. Garry Walton, the previous Dean of Arts and Humanities, is confident in the college’s selection of Dr. Roth. He said, “I think Meredith’s Arts and Humanities departments are fortunate to have as the new dean someone who has experience in administration, is a respected and published scholar, and has already forged strong working relationships with Meredith’s provost and president through her previous work in academia.  We are all looking forward to her new ideas for making the heart of Meredith even stronger.”

Here are some fun facts about Dr. Roth:

  1. She is from Pennsylvania.

  2. She loves the cheese straws in the dining hall.

  3. She recently tried Cheerwine and is sharing it with her friends in Pennsylvania.


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