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Updates on the Pro Palestine Protests Across Several US College Campuses

The news cycle over the last 10 days have been dominated by Pro Palestine protests on different campuses across America. While the University of Columbia appears to be the epicenter of said protests, many campuses across the country, including the University of North Carolina (UNC) Chapel Hill have seen similar protests.  These protesters across college campuses are calling for their schools to divest from any company related to Israel, according to ABC 11They are also calling for a cease-fire in the Gaza-Israeli conflict.

Monday marked the fourth day of the protest at UNC Chapel Hill, where protestors have been joined by North Carolina State University (NCSU) and Duke University students alike to form the "Triangle Gaza Solidarity Encampment." According to ABC 11, despite the tents being a violation of school policy, the encampment has since continued. WRAL reported that UNC campus police would “arrest Pro-Palestinian protesters who were camping within view of administration building on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus.” ABC 11 also reported that commencement at UNC Chapel Hill would proceed and that UNC police would be in attendance “for safety and security.” 

In other parts of the country, including Yale University, the University of Southern California, Vanderbilt University and the University of Minnesota, many students have been suspended, arrested or expelled, according to ABC 11. At Columbia University, a document was shared with protestors noting that it would have to be signed by Monday Apr. 29 at 2:00 p.m. with the signing being a pledge to “obey university rules on [the protesters] way out or they would be suspended from the school.” The deadline has since passed and has not been signed according to The Hill. The Hill also noted that the shared document also included how the school would adjust protesting rules after commencement.

While campus events such as final exams and commencement seem to continue across campuses, the outcome of the protests and duration of protests nationwide continue. More updates to follow as the story continues to develop.

By Shae-Lynn Henderson, EIC

Graphic by Shae-Lynn Henderson, EIC


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