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Not Another Canvas Painting: Big/Little Gift Ideas

- By Tishya Robertson, Staff Writer -

Are both finals and Christmas creeping up on you? Secret Santa, Big/Little dinners, and other parties are imminent, so here are a few gift ideas for your bigs, littles, roommates, and other friends so you don’t have to make them yet another canvas painting or get them candles that aren’t even allowed in the residence halls.

Socks. Target has new Advent calendars featuring Twelve Days of Socks for $15. Let your pals count down the days until Christmas with warm feet.

Baked goods. If you love baking, give them something homemade. Make sure you subtly ask them about any food allergies beforehand though.

Stickers. Your friend’s laptop or water bottle will thank you for using Redbubble, which offers a plethora of stickers for any interests. Plus, if you buy at least ten, all of your stickers are half off!

Matching jewelry. Prove to everyone in sight that you’re the best big or little ever with coordinating necklaces or bracelets. You have an excuse to get yourself something to wear too.

Room decor. Francesca’s and Altar’d State have lots of reasonably-priced wall decor and trinkets to decorate any apartment or dorm room while maintaining your aesthetic.

Bath bombs. Although older generations see these as a millennial luxury, they can help you de-stress, especially as a college student. #TreatYoSelf and get one too.

A donation to their favorite charity. Giving to women’s health organizations, local food banks, disaster funds, and churches can help others in need this holiday season.

Gift cards. If you’ve procrastinated too hard on your Christmas shopping along with your end-of-semester projects and papers, gift cards are the way to go. E-gift cards are even personalizable with cute designs and your own message. You can’t go wrong with money for Starbucks or Target (especially if you can use it at the new one on Hillsborough Street).

Lastly, if all else fails, just get those creative juices flowing, hit up Pinterest, and adorn their walls with another one-of-a-kind piece by you.


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