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Palentines Day Ideas from The Herald

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Graphic by Aminah Jenkins

For those who might not be familiar, Palentine's Day is a common celebration. Leslie Knope, a fictional character from “Parks and Recreation,” is to thank for the inspiration behind it. What some have coined “Valentine’s Day Eve” or Palentine’s Day, is celebrated on February 13, and is an opportunity to show appreciation and celebrate the friends in one’s life. For those wanting to celebrate, but not sure what to do, look no further. The Herald staff has a list of 10 ideas to choose from.

  1. Enjoy a “Friends” marathon

  2. Have a “colors of the rainbow” picnic

  3. Bake and decorate cookies to share

  4. Go on a shopping spree

  5. Pick a movie you and your friends haven’t watched before and create a mocktail based on it

  6. Get a Valentine’s cake and some wine glasses and cut the cake with your glasses to enjoy an extra fancy dessert

  7. Find some fun balloons, decorations and props for a fun photo shoot

  8. Go out to dinner with your friends

  9. Play board games or movie marathon with lots of popcorn and sweets

  10. Cook a dinner together

Responses compiled by Shae-Lynn Henderson, Features Editor


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