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Places to Walk While the Greenway is Closed

An orange sign reading "Trail closed 1/2 mile ahead"
The Meredith greenway's closure; photo by Elisabeth Sinicrope

With the portion of the greenway closest to Meredith closed until mid- to late May, here is a list of three alternative places to walk in Raleigh.

The North Carolina Museum of Art

Although the section of the greenway from Meredith to Wade Avenue is closed, the part of the greenway that runs through the North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA) remains open. The art museum trails are a beautiful place to walk around while viewing different art pieces. Since the greenway trail from Meredith the art museum is temporarily shut down, you could make the five-minute drive to the entrance of the art museum and start your walk from there.

Hillsborough Street

If nature walks aren’t appealing, Hillsborough Street is a fun and convenient place to go on a walk. Hillsborough Street is always busy and filled with all kinds of restaurants and stores, so if a city feel is more desired on your walk, Hillsborough Street is perfect for that.

Lake Johnson Park

Approximately 2.8 miles of paved trails and 1.5 miles of unpaved trails loop around Lake Johnson. Especially as the weather warms up, Lake Johnson is a great option because there is a beautiful view of the water while walking. Also, the offering of both nature trails and paved trails allows hikers to pick whichever one best matches their experience level.

Check out the City of Raleigh’s parks and recreation page to find more greenways and parks in the Raleigh area.

By Piper Carriere, Staff Writer

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