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Primal Scream Updates

Following a series of professor and accompanist absences in the music department due to sickness, vocal juries have been postponed until after winter break. Vocal juries act as a final exam for music performance, in which students perform a selection of their repertoire for a faculty panel. The Herald reached out to Dr. Jean Wozencraft-Ornellas, or Dr. WO as her students call her, about what this means for the Primal Scream tradition. Dr. WO shared that “The Primal Scream will go on as scheduled” and is not dependent on vocal juries.

Primal Scream, a recent addition to Meredith’s traditions, provides an opportunity for students to “let out some frustrations [and] stress from the semester and enjoy laughs and fellowship,” according to Dr. WO. Primal Scream is now open to all students looking to blow off some steam after finals and can be enjoyed with hot chocolate at the coversation pit according to the Music Department’s Instagram.

Primal Scream will be held at 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 7. Students can follow the Music Department’s Instagram for updates about Primal Scream as well as other upcoming winter events in Meredith’s Music Department.

By Lola Mestas, Copy Editor

Photo by Grayson Morris



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