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Quiz: Which Batman Are You?

The 2022 film The Batman comes out on March 4, starring Robert Pattinson as Batman and Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman. In preparation for this premier, The Herald staff has put together a short quiz for Batman fans everywhere—which Batman are you? Follow along with the infographic below to find out.

How your Batman describes you:

Will Arnett: You have a keen sense of humor that can leave anyone laughing. You also have a funky aesthetic that stands out from the crowd. You are outgoing and “cartoonish,” which can fall either way—people either really love you or you are simply not their cup of tea.

Ben Affleck: You are a real mystery. You have many layers, but once people get to know you, you are a true friend. You have good taste and enjoy the finer things in life and will never say no to an adventure.

Robert Pattinson: You are still discovering yourself and finding your way. Regardless, you are passionate and empathetic and have a clear set of morals you abide by.

Christian Bale: You tend to be the serious one in your friend group. You are not as easily trusting as others. You are strong in your convictions and will always stick up for loved ones. Feeling misunderstood sometimes is natural, but you know who you are.

George Clooney: You like music others usually don’t. You are a true tortured artist and goal orientated. You are fiercely independent and tend to get things done. It’s not unusual if your music is always blasting in your room or car.

Val Kilmer: You tend to fly under the radar, not wanting to be the center of attention. In many ways, you are bashful, but you are also quite versatile and can fit in with any group by playing to your strength of understanding how people operate. You are good at maintaining balance in your life; you know when it is important to be serious, but you also have a playful, charismatic side.

By Shae-Lynn Henderson, Staff Writer

Graphic by Freya Dahlgren, Opinion Editor


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