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Rating Non-Academic Building Lounges

Lower Cate


Pluses: not as busy

Minuses: no tables, not good use of space, rest stop, not home base

Library Basement


Pluses: cool nooks, seating options

Minuses: no cell service, kinda creepy, smelly bathrooms

Heilman Hall


Pluses: new comfortable couches, good for groups, vending machines

Minuses: inconvenient for non-residents

Upper Cate


Pluses: sometimes busy, sometimes not, close to parking, computers, printers, fridge, food, lots of seating options

Minuses: not a lot of power outlets

Library Top Floor


Pluses: quiet, nooks

Minuses: no open spaces, unclean upholstery

Belk Dining Hall


Pluses: music, food

Minuses: odd weekend hours, not good for people with no meal plan

Library Ground Floor


Pluses: vending machines, POD, computers, outlet options, good seats

Minuses: can be noisy

Poteat Hall


Pluses: vending machines, tables and couches, the Poteat charm

Minuses: the Poteat charm

Carroll Hall


Pluses: comfortable, relaxing, bonsai tree, coloring books, computers, tables, seating options

Minuses: inconvenient location

Quad Residence Halls


Pluses: very basic, 4th floors are hidden gems

Johnson Hall


Pluses: 2nd floor chairs are comfortable, good views, outlets

Minuses: few table options

The Oaks


Pluses: lots of options, often not busy

Minuses: sound travels easily, inconvenient for non-Oaks tenants

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