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Saturday Night Cornhuskin'

Cornhuskin’ at Meredith has been held on a Friday night since 1995. Last year, due to rain, the event was postponed until Saturday, and this year, the change was made permanent. The schedule change was at the request of students who felt that Cornhuskin’ was taking up their Friday and interfering with schoolwork. This schedule change will be implemented every year after 2019.

The day being moved will allow for the participation of students who had previously been unable to attend. The parade was also moved to Saturday afternoon. This benefits students who commute, as they no longer have to navigate around front gate closures. As a result of Cornhuskin’ and the parade being moved to Saturday, Can Art has been moved to Friday afternoon, meaning Can Art occurs closer to the weekend, rather than on a Wednesday afternoon. While this is contradictory to one of the main reasons the main events of Cornhuskin’ was moved, it does allow for more participation and viewing of the Can Art event.

Cornhuskin’ on Saturday allows more students to attend the parade and professors do not feel obligated to cancel Friday afternoon classes on behalf of Corn. Saturday Cornhuskin’ also allows for alumnae and families of current students to more easily come and watch. Many alumnae and families must travel far to come to campus, and Corn moved to the weekend allows for more of the Meredith community to attend the sacred tradition.

By Lena Pedlikin, Contributing Writer


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