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Spring Break with The Herald Staff

With a return to campus after the anticipated spring break, The Herald wanted to share some of what the staff did this break and possibly give you ideas for your next break!

Haileigh West, Associate Editor: My spring break was spent at home, curled up with a good book the majority of the time. I’m lucky enough that my parents already live at the beach, so while many are traveling to sunny destinations, I get to do that from home! I did take a day trip to Wilmington with some friends, and we happened to go on the same day as the St. Patrick’s Day festivities! Like many other fellow students, this semester so far has felt very long, and a much needed break from assignments and deadlines was necessary. As a second semester senior, I can’t believe this was the last long break before graduation approaches. I hope this week brought rejuvenation and relaxing moments for everyone who needed them! Photo below: 

Shae-Lynn Henderson, Editor in Chief: I was super excited about this break for some time and I got to share that time with my roommates, traveling to Pennsylvania and taking the train to Philadelphia and New York City. We did all of the tourist things and I would definitely recommend the trip to anyone to experience the excitement and beauty of both cities. I am convinced we achieved a week’s worth of sightseeing in under three days and both cities have left an impression on my heart forever. For Philadelphia, I would recommend a good pretzel and cheese-steak from Reading Station and making your way over to the infamous Rocky steps. The view from the top of the steps is beautiful and definitely a good workout on the legs after a day of walking. For NYC, there is an endless list of recommendations. I absolutely loved the bliss of walking and looking up to see the breath-taking buildings that surrounded me as well as the sheer awe for the Met. I ate some of the best food and got to see the best of what New York has to offer. I highly recommend a visit and it is totally achievable on a budget if you are clear with what you want to achieve and stick to it!

Kat Whetstone, Reporter: My spring break was spent in Charleston with my family. I was surprised at how lovely the city is. My mom and I did a tour focusing on the stories of Charleston women, which may be my favorite tour I’ve ever done. I highly recommend going to Rainbow Row, Charleston City Market and Folly Beach. I also spent my break writing about hockey for my new job and watching my siblings (UNC and NC State students) yell at each other about basketball. 

Lola Mestas, Copy Editor: I spent my spring break with my family in Chapel Hill and lifeguarded at the Town of Chapel Hill Aquatic Center. Working consisted mostly of yelling at children to get off of the lane lines and writing incident reports because the Aquatic Center has a wasp infestation and one of them got my co-worker when he wasn’t paying attention. I am convinced that they (wasps) are evil and actively trying to psychologically terrorize the staff. Other than that, I also deluded myself into thinking that the second half of the semester is time to “lock in” and that I am no longer burned out.

Liese Devine, Features Editor: First and foremost I spent my spring break catching up on sleep I should have gotten months ago. After hibernating the first few days I spent what was left of the week painting. It sounds boring but I would wake up at 9 a.m. and paint until at least 3 p.m. It was nice enough though that I got to spend my time painting outside. Besides that, I enjoyed my time at home catching up with my siblings. 

Elaina Irving, Staff Writer: Like usual, I went home for spring break to spend time with my family and eat good food. I spent a lot of time catching up with friends and family and hanging out with friends I haven’t gotten to spend time with in years as well as some I only get to visit over breaks. I also got to practice tattooing and gave myself, my brother and his friend new tattoos. Aside from that, I took a trip to the Outer Banks so that my brother could take senior pictures and I got to visit Fort Raleigh which was a part of the Underground Railroad network. 

By The Herald Staff

Photos courtesy of Haileigh West and Shae-Lynn Henderson


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