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Staff Holiday Movie Picks

Happy last day of class from The Herald! To commemorate the end of a semester filled with hard work, Herald staff have compiled a list of their favorite holiday movies. This upcoming break will be an opportunity to rest and perhaps enjoy some of the top movie picks from The Herald staff. Some of us like the classics, some of us like newer movies, and some of us have non-traditional movies as our favorites for the holidays.

Liese Devine, Features Editor: My favorite movies to watch during the holiday season are Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. My family has been watching these movies for Christmas every year for as long as I can remember. We’re not the biggest fans of the sappier holiday movies, so the funny ones are always on repeat! Another favorite is The Polar Express; my mom teaches preschool so she usually does a Polar Express day at school, which leaves her with a lot of leftover snacks, which means we get a Polar Express day at home, too.

Shae-Lynn Henderson, Editor in Chief: i think that this is a tough one for sure. A movie or series of movies that stick out to me are The Santa Clause movies just because they were a big childhood tradition. There was nothing better than setting up to watch a Christmas movie next to the Christmas tree and watch these movies. I never quite understood how in these movies, the parents never believed in Father Christmas, or Santa Clause, and yet presents would always magically appear under the tree. Regardless, they are always such fun and remind me of such fond memories with my family.

Haileigh West, Associate Editor: My favorite holiday movie is The Holiday. I’m a big Nancy Meyers girl, and watching this movie is my ideal way to ring in the holiday season every year. It’s comforting, aesthetically pleasing, funny and has a star-studded cast! All in all, I will definitely be watching The Holiday several times over winter break.

Cady Stanley, Arts and Entertainment Editor: Every year my family watches National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation together, and it has easily become my favorite holiday movie. The characters are outrageously funny, and my family always makes good fun of how similar certain characters may be to our relatives. Every time I watch the movie I laugh harder and harder!

Lola Mestas, Copy Editor: My personal favorite is It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s such a beautiful story, and it was so poorly received when it originally came out that I think it needs a lot more love. I also enjoy the more recent Klaus for its sweet and simple story and beautiful animation, and I love the ever-controversial Die Hard. I find Die Hard really spices up the lineup for traditional and family Christmas movies.

Kailey Wurr, Contributing Writer: My favorite holiday movie is The Polar Express, which was released the year I was born and I have seen it every year since. This movie is very nostalgic for me and has perfect cozy vibes. The songs in this movie create a fun and lighthearted feel that meshes great with the overall theme of never losing your childhood spirit. My family is already planning on having a movie night to watch The Polar Express.

Elaina Irving, Contributing Writer: On Christmas Eve every year my family and I look forward to the beginning of the 24 hours of A Christmas Story that plays until the night of Christmas Day. A Christmas Story holds a lot of sentimental value since I grew up watching it every year with my family and it is my mom’s favorite Christmas movie. However, my favorite Christmas movie is Krampus since it brings my love for holiday festivities and the horror movie genre together.

Kat Whetstone, Contributing Writer: My favorite holiday movies will always be The Sound of Music and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. They both have a deep connection to my parents, and I’m forever grateful for that. My mother raised me on Julie Andrews and her movies. I was also a major theater kid growing up, and I always wanted to be Liesl in Sixteen Going on Seventeen. My mom and I watch The Sound of Music together when we put up our family Christmas tree, much to the hatred of my brothers, who are not musical people whatsoever and always complain that "The Sound of Music is the longest movie ever.” My dad introduced my siblings and me to National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation once we were old enough to know not to repeat the curse words, and it never fails to leave all three of the Whetstone kids in hysterics. While I quote it year-round, the film is a classic for me, and I’ll always associate it with my father’s sense of humor. We all watch it together as a family, and we all laugh at the same parts every single time.

By: The Herald Staff

Graphic by Shae-Lynn Henderson, EIC


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