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Stranger Things 2

- By Caroline Garrett, A&E Editor -

Fans of the Netflix original Stranger Things, directed by The Duffer Brothers, have likely already begun watching (or perhaps marathoned and completed) the show’s second season Stranger Things 2,  which premiered at midnight on October 27, 2017, just in time for Halloween. The show begins with a comprehensive recap of the first season and contains nine episodes, or “chapters,” one more than the previous season.

Just as in the first season, the show combines 80’s nostalgia, science fiction, conspiracy theory, loyal friendships, suspense, and adventure. The audience can’t help but fall in love with the residents of Hawkins, Indiana, particularly the central characters, four middle-school boys. Stranger Things 2 not only adds to the well-rounded dimensions of the original cast, but also introduces new characters who are just as complex.

Viewers who have been following the show since its conception have waited a full year to see the cliffhangers of season one be resolved, and this season delivers. In addition to developments on the original plot and story background, new thematic elements and edge-of-your-seat action occur as adventures and thrilling dangers unfold.  

For those who are looking for a break from homework, inspiration for an end-of-semester essay, or just an action-packed way to pass the time, make some popcorn, gather some friends, and settle down for a marathon-worthy show. And for the diehard fans who have finished watching already, guess we will just have to wait until next year.


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