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Student Election Season Begins

The start of the spring semester calls for the re-election of various class and campus-wide positions. Campaigning Week, which began Monday, Jan. 31 and will run through Friday, Feb. 4, will give students the opportunity to see the running candidates.

“Running in the elections can be a crucial part of a student’s college experience,” Elections Board Chair Sophia Bogan said. “It can provide necessary leadership skills that you will absolutely need in the future.”

Bogan also emphasized the importance of voting in the elections. “The students who are holding executive or even non-major positions are the ones who represent the student body,” she said.

Candidate cards for all positions will be hung on the second floor of the Cate Center outside the Office of Student Leadership and Service (SLS). These cards include the candidate’s name, the position they are running for, a picture of themselves and any strengths or qualifications they believe make them a good pick for the position.

During Campaigning Week, candidates will also have the opportunity to advertise their campaigns through social media and posters that can be hung in various buildings around campus. Bogan added that students will be able to watch a 1-minute video of the candidate discussing their goals for the position prior to the voting period.

The polling period for the elections will run from Monday, Feb. 7 at 8 a.m. through Tuesday, Feb. 8 at 5 p.m. All ballots will be sent out via email. Results will be announced to candidates by email Tuesday night and to the rest of campus the morning of Wednesday, Feb. 9.

Bogan says students should think of these elections as just as important as the national elections for our country. “Pay attention to your student representatives and leaders on campus as they are working hard to better the Meredith campus,” she added.

By Lauryn Turner, Contributing Writer


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