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The Purr-fect Cup of Coffee Prepares to Pour into Raleigh

- By Laurie Diggett, Staff Writer -

Coffee shops have been a popular hang-out space for college students for years now. Let’s face it, college students need their caffeine along with a place to escape the sometimes stress-inducing environment that a college campus can produce. Whether you’re looking for the “hole-in-the-wall” vibe that Cup of Joe gives off or the eccentric artwork and organic baked goods that Lucky Tree offers, a local coffee shop can be a unique spot for anything from fun group outings to study groups during exams.

Now imagine a type of cafe that has not yet emerged in the Raleigh area; one that combines the liquid energy boost that college students often crave and the opportunity to take a breather and spend some quality time with a few furry friends. That’s right, Purr Cup Cafe is going to be in Raleigh in the spring, and the pun in the name is no accident.

“If you love cats and coffee as much as we do, this is the place for you,” says the Purr Cup Cafe Facebook page.

Although the idea of a cat cafe may be somewhat absurd to a Raleigh local, it is pretty common in popular travel destinations like London and Tokyo. In fact, there are hundreds of themed cafes in Tokyo that have been around for years, featuring decorations themed around an Anime, a place for Pokémon players to compete, maids or butlers that wait on you and, of course, cats to cuddle.

Last Sunday, the Raleigh School of Ballet hosted a Pop-up Cafe to help raise further funds for the construction of this unique addition to the Raleigh area (the permanent location is expected to open in the spring of 2018). There were raffles with cat related prizes, beverages, and a separate room for people to spend quality time with some kittens. All of the kittens available for cuddles were either adoptable or had already been adopted. The prospective owners of Purr Cup Cafe, Sarah Newton and Arthur Hailey, have partnered with Meow House Cat Rescue to help cats find a forever home with cafe customers.

“Our mission is to create a haven for cat-lovers to enjoy a quality beverage or locally made treat in the company of adoptable cats looking for love and forever homes,” says the cafe’s Facebook page. “Get excited and help us make this dream a reality for all the triangle area’s cat and coffee lovers!”


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