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Travis Scott Raleigh Night 2 Concert Postponed

Travis Scott announced that he would be touring to promote his latest album “Utopia.” The tour is currently underway, set to run from Oct. 11 until Dec, 29, spanning 28 cities across the US and Canada. His “Utopia- Circus Maximus Tour” started in Charlotte North Carolina and is set to end in Toronto. According to The Economic Times, as of the end of August the album was number 1 on Billboard and had accumulated 1.5 billion streams online.

Travis Scott was set to perform in Raleigh, at the PNC arena over two nights on Oct. 13 and Oct. 14. While many people anticipated the night of Oct. 14 to witness the performance by the 32-year-old rapper, Scott did not end up performing. WRAL noted that many audience members were unaware of the postponement of the concert until they arrived at PNC Arena. The Saturday night show was intended to be an addition to the previously sold-out Friday night event and Billboard commented that Travis Scott could not be reached for comment on the reasoning behind the sudden postponement

Parker Orders, a North Carolina State University (NCSU) biology student and employee at PNC Arena, shared her experience. Orders recounted that on the night of the Travis Scott concert, she was at home with her parents. She added that "[she] first saw a social media post from [her] roommate who was supposed to go, confirming the postponement.” Later, her boss at PNC had also confirmed the news.

The unforeseen turn of events raised questions among concert-goers. Orders shared her opinion on the matter, stating that "Every rapper is different. Up-and-coming artists would have never pulled a stunt like this, but Travis Scott has been known for his crazy stunts and general lackluster care shown towards his fans."

In the aftermath of the postponement, Scott has not appeared to have addressed the matter on social media either, instead promoting his next show in Dallas. Meanwhile, Orders claims that Travis Scott was seen posing with the UNC Men’s Basketball team, which was also written about in Keeping it Heel.

This incident serves as a reminder of the relationship between artists and their admirers. While artists like Travis Scott may be celebrated for their creativity and boundary-pushing performances, this scenario of postponing a concert abruptly also emphasizes the importance of communication and accountability. Fans invest not just their money but also their emotions in these experiences. A date is yet to be confirmed as to when the ticket holders will have the tickets honored.

By Miriya Carson, Contributing Writer

Graphic by Shae-Lynn Henderson, EIC


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