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What the Shuck: 2019 Cornhuskin' Themes

Freshman can art design; photo courtesy of Meredith College

Sophomore can art design; photo courtesy of Meredith College

The 2019 Cornhuskin’ year brought us a creative, broad and new collection of themes for the classes to carry out. The themes were announced on Monday, Oct. 28 in the Johnson Hall rotunda during the 10 o’clock hour. Students gathered around as the co-chairs announced their themes. They are as follows:

Class of 2023: Mereco Musical

Class of 2022: The Bravest Thing You Can Be is Yourself

Class of 2021: Onyx! At the Disco

Class of 2020: The MC Experience

Each theme brought something new and unique to the event. These broad themes were able to give each class something entirely different. “When your themes are broader, you all have more room to be creative,” says Megan Gale, a class of 2021 co-chair.

The Class of 2023, with Mereco Musical (High School Musical), had “we make each other strong” as their tagline, which was displayed their Can Art and on their sweatshirt designs. They continued this theme in their skit, two students struggling to get through their first year but getting through it with the help of their sisters.

The Class of 2022’s “Brave” theme focused on the Clifton Strengths and Meredith StrongPoints, the overall idea of their performance being that we have our strengths for a reason. “We wanted to send a message of self-acceptance and self-love that we find within ourselves,” says Jeanine Carryl, a class of 2022 cochair. “Discovering ourselves takes bravery as we face the highs and lows of sophomore year.”

The Class of 2021 celebrated their new bling with “Onyx! At the Disco,” a roller rink-themed production. Their performance revolved around four skaters, one losing her memory after a fall on the rink. The friends reflect on their past years in Boogie Wonderland as the amnesic one gains her memory back just in time for “Disco Dinner.” She learns that it isn’t all about the milestones she has accomplished at Boogie Wonderland but who she experienced them with.

The Class of 2020 spent their final Cornhuskin’ with a theme of reflection, calling it “The MC Experience.” Their theme was based around the Cornhuskin’ season and the feelings that come along with it. The performance was based on two friends: one participates in Cornhuskin’ and tries to convince her friend to participate because she had in the years prior. Eventually, after a lot of effort and reflecting, the two friends experience their final Cornhuskin’ together.

Each theme brought something extremely different, not only to the main stage but to Cornhuskin’ week in general. This was a refreshing change for students who have seen Cornhuskin’ events in previous years.

Junior can art design; photo courtesy of Meredith College

Senior can art design; photo courtesy of Meredith College

By Sarah Karboski, Contributing Writer


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