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Women of MC - Johnashia Robertson

- By Mimi Mays, Staff Writer -

“Sometimes I need to stop and think, you know, Johnashia you’re only twenty years old, you know, you’re not gonna become a millionaire at twenty-one. I still have years, I still have school, it’s okay if I’m not successful right now, it’s okay I’m making mistakes at work, you know, it’s okay if I don’t wake up tomorrow with a million dollars in my bank account.

“My greatest struggle right now would be the fact that I currently don’t have a lot of patience with my career goals. Most would say that I’m trying to rush things because I’ve been doing retail jobs ever since my freshman year, and I’ve been just trying to be successful too early, instead of waiting. In school, teachers are constantly telling me that everything’s not gonna be perfect, my managers are helping me train and whatnot and telling me where I can go in the company…so I’ve definitely learned to slow down…but speed of success has been one of my biggest struggles right now.

“But I’ve realized that I’m not alone in this world, there are other people who are similar. I used to always think, no one’s like me, no one understands me, so meeting people at Meredith and realizing, oh wow, you went through that too, wow, we can relate, that was so good for me socially and mindfully—I’m way more optimistic and outgoing, and it has definitely paid off cause I’ve made some really, really good friendships here that I can definitely see going on forever.”


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