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2021 Puts a Ring on It

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Photo by Savi Swiggard

On Friday, Oct. 18, the Class of 2021 gathered at Prestonwood Country Club for Ring Dinner, an honored tradition at Meredith College since 1992. The event was a celebration of progress, presenting juniors with their Onyx rings and serving as a gateway into the “Meredith sisterhood.”

Dr. Jean Jackson lead the ring ceremony and was welcomed with exuberant applause as she approached the stage. Thinking about the significance of the Onyx, she prompted the juniors to hold their rings against their heart before putting them on. The room was filled with boisterous cheers as the juniors officially became part of the Meredith sisterhood after a week of anticipation. Tears and laughter mixed in to create a cacophony of happiness.

The Alumnae Association Legacy Ring Essay Contest winners were announced: the first-place winner received reimbursement for her ring, the second place winner received reimbursement for her ticket and third place winner received a ring dinner t-shirt. Guest speakers Christi Snyder and Angie Tucker from Southern Sugar Bakery talked about the growth they experienced during their time at Meredith and the unexpected journey that their lives took to create the business that they have today.

Their speech reminded the Class of 2021 that the ring is more than a reminder of the classes they have taken in their college life. It also includes the connections that they’ve made along the way. Tears started to roll as the juniors anticipated feeling the weight of the Onyx and the significance of their congregation. And they were not disappointed once Dr. Jackson gave the word.

The formal dining hall gleamed with chandeliers and golden balloons, making for an excellent background to the Class of 2021’s flood of pictures. Each student was gifted a jewelry dish with the Meredith Lux to hold their ring. Students could be seen taking photos around the grand stair and with gold letter balloons that spelled ‘Onyx’. The meticulous details put into the event made it feel thoughtful as well as elegant. The pictures juniors took at the venue were as beautiful as the friendships they signified and the hard work that was done over the past three years.

The main dish was a choice of filet mignon and chicken with a side of roasted potatoes and steamed asparagus. The vegetarian dish was cheese cannelloni in a marinara sauce topped with steamed asparagus, and the vegan dish was a tofu stir-fry topped with fresh sprouts. However, many students felt that their dietary restrictions were not taken into consideration. Non-meat options were clearly an afterthought, the standard option had not one but two meats.

After the ring ceremony ended, the event concluded with the arrival of Littles with gifts for their Bigs and other friends, who were welcomed with more cheers. As the night ended, everyone broke apart for more pictures with all who had come to celebrate. The juniors slowly left that night with a twinkling new item on their finger which represented their achievements and the many more experiences to come. This unforgettable night would not have been possible without everyone who made contributions, and the Class of 2021 would like to thank Bailey Birtchet, Ashlynn Davis, Brooke Day, Samantha Arzu, Bri Donovan and many others who all worked hard to make October 18th so special.

By Staff Juniors: Savi Swiggard, Associate Editor; Huma Hashmi, Staff Writer; and Katelyn Wiszowaty, Staff Writer


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