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Photo courtesy of Meredith College

As we begin the new semester, students can expect to see many changes. Bedrooms have turned into classrooms, personal laptops are the new pen and paper and class discussions will be held six feet apart. These changes have led to an advancement in the technical resources for students offered by Carlyle Campbell Library’s Media Services and by Technology Services. These new resources will be a critical aspect of the online learning experience. Below are a few of the technical resources that will be available to students for the upcoming semester.

ZoomRoom. With ZoomRooms, there are even more options for virtual meetings. ZoomRooms will allow for a full digital experience with HD-quality audio and video, increased meeting security and the ability to connect multiple electronics that share content during the meeting. All this can be done synchronously, allowing for a more involved experience.

Virtual Labs. Browser-based extensions will be used to access all software offered to students. More information will be coming soon about how the virtual labs will actually run.

Socially Distanced Computer Labs. In case students would like to use on-campus resources, there is also an in-person lab option. Physical labs will have computers separated six feet apart for usage. Similar to the virtual labs, all of the software will be available to students.

Borrowing Media Equipment. If students don’t have the technology they need for their classes, they can find it at the library. Laptops, tablets, videography equipment and other devices can be borrowed for an extended period of time. There are also gaming devices for students’ personal entertainment.

Kanopy. This is a collection of movies and independent documentaries from accredited producers, with topics ranging from environmental to social issues around the world. There is also an arrangement of foreign films for connoisseurs of classic films. If a professor suggests watching a film for class, it will probably be streamed using Kanopy.

Research. The library’s databases not only have collections of articles, but subscriptions for students as well. Some of the recent additions are Mango Language, The New York Times, WGSN and Life Magazine archives, as well as many other resources. Any of these resources can be accessed by using your NetID.

Printers and Copiers. There are printers and copiers across campus in the residence halls, Joyner Hall, the Science and Math Building (SMB), Harris and the library. For each of the devices, there will be disinfecting alcohol wipes present. This is just one of the many precautions that Meredith College is taking to ensure the safety of their students.

Remote Appointments. Students will have the option to set in-person or virtual appointments in case of any technical troubles. To make an appointment, email Technology Services at This will send in a ticket and Technology Services will handle the request.

This is just the beginning of what awaits students when they come back this semester. Meredith is striving to make sure that all students will have the resources they need for a successful semester. Last semester’s changes took everyone by surprise, but this semester will be better planned and executed. Students can keep tabs on the new advancements by following Carlyle Campbell Library's and Tech Services’ Instagram accounts.

By Jeanine Carryl, Contributing Writer



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