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Carlyle Campbell Completes Renovations

Photo by Aminah Jenkins

The inside of Carlyle Campbell Library has recently finished being renovated. The renovation includes new furniture on the main floor and fresh paint across the entire interior of the building.

The first phase started on Oct. 24 and 25, with new tables and chairs on the first floor. The second phase brought in a couch and additional seating on Nov. 30. The third and final phase happened over winter break and included painting the ceiling on the first floor and all of the interior walls.

To learn more about the renovation, The Herald reached out to Amanda Sullivan, a Research and Instruction Librarian, and Laura Davidson, Dean of Library Information Services.

When asked about the renovation, Sullivan and Davidson stated that they “wanted a fresher and more modern look for the library.” With the extra seating and updated feel, more people have been coming to the library, as they reported seeing more students come in with the arrival of the new tables and seating last semester.

More projects are to come regarding the library, as the entry area is still being changed as part of the current renovation project. Management also has other renovation ideas, which include “updating more of the furniture on other floors, creating an ADA compliant bathroom and adding a 24-hour study space.”

Sullivan and Davidson stated that they “are always interested in hearing what students would like to see happen in the library” and that “many library plans start with suggestions from students.”

Make sure to come see the newly renovated library to study and attend Murder Mystery Night on Feb. 10, at which the theme is Harry Potter!

By Riley Heeb, Reporter



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