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“Carrie” Comes to Meredith

Pink treble clef with orange, teal, and blue music notes surrounding it
Graphic by Aminah Jenkins

This spring, Meredith College will see a full return to musical theater with its production of “Carrie.” The Meredith Herald interviewed Director Lormarev Jones about this exciting return.

When asked why “Carrie” was selected as this year's spring musical, Jones shared that “this musical is a story about women, puberty and sensing change in your body that you can't quite understand. It is also a musical with no less than six featured roles for women, which is such a rarity for most classical musicals, which tend to be male-centric. It is also modern in sound—although a much different version of the musical premiered in 1988, the revised version that we're producing first premiered off-Broadway in 2012.”

Jones went on to say that she is “excited to do a full-fledged musical with a plot, as well as one that requires a lot of dancing [and] movement. Choreographer Courtney White, '08, is gonna make some truly beautiful dances!”

For those interested in auditioning, auditions will be held Dec.12 and 13 at 7 p.m. in Jones Auditorium. Jones shared that “singing auditions will be on Monday, and Dance/Acting auditions will be on Tuesday” and that “those auditioning will be expected to prepare a 32–64 bar cut of a pop song or a song from a modern musical.”

Break a leg to all those auditioning!

By Rachel Van Horne, Associate Editor


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