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Celebrating Black Music Month

Four album covers and a scanning code for spotify
Graphic by Kaylee Haas

June is Black Music Month, and in honor of this, The Herald wants to showcase Black artists that are forces to be reckoned with. Each artist featured in the article may not currently have the followings of the “classics,” but they will one day.

Music For When You Know What You’re Doing: Boulevards

You’ll have to take that definition as you see fit. I think Boulevards' music is an experience that the listener has to be able to define. It has a different texture unlike anything we are hearing on the radio right now, from the stylistic choices to the music’s messages. The feel of their style is groovy. They are cohesive and it’s brilliant. Whether you decide to listen to a track from 2015 or 2021, you will feel the experience. Fun fact: Boulevards is an artist local to the Raleigh area!

Music For When You’re In Your Feelings: Tayo Sound

The first time I heard Tayo Sound I fell in love immediately. I can’t tell you what it is, but he had exactly what I was looking for when I was in a “new music slump.” He has a way with his movement musically. His lyrics are relatable and his style is refreshing. It’s the new generation of pop I hope will become more widespread. Tayo Sound fits perfectly with car rides, studying or anything that needs focus — he puts you in a trance in the best way. If you need a great new start in your music journey, here’s the green light. Get ready to jam.

Music For When You Need To Make A Change: Meet Me @ The Altar

Yes, I know that title is super specific, but it’s the best way I can describe Meet Me @ The Altar. They are the next leader for fellow emo kids, and I am so excited that they are part of a genre that I hold dear to my heart. They have songs that I wish were present in my early teens. They’re the rock band in your favorite teen movie. Their music will define and unite their listeners, and that’s the meaning of music. I am so excited for what they do next.

Music For When You Want Creativity: Keiynan Lonsdale

When I found out Keiynan Lonsdale made music, it was over for me. I was floored. I listened to his newest album and immediately knew the vibes were different. Every track is creative and nothing is the same, but they are all perfect and there are so many textures featured. Lonsdale took the risk of being brutally honest, and I wish more artists would do so. He is honest, vulnerable and a true powerhouse. He was willing to take his talent and create with it new and beautiful worlds. You’re going to be sorry if you don’t experience what he is creating.

Music For When You Liked Hairspray and Grew Up And Realized You Liked It For a Reason: Tayla Parx

You probably already like Tayla Parx’s work. “Love Lies,” “Thank U, Next” and “High Hopes” are just a few titles of work she has done with other artists. However, her own personal collection is just as impressive. She is a hitmaker, and I have not found a bad track yet. There is not one song of hers that doesn’t make you love her absolute talent. The best way to put it is that Parx is fun. If you listen to her music, I’m pretty sure it’s scientifically proven to make your day better. I would say watch for her but let’s be real, Tayla Parx is already in your collection.

Music For When You Are Confident: Fousheé

I have to start this out by saying Fousheé’s cover of Depeche Mode’s “enjoy the silence” is gorgeous. As for her overall discography, she has music that makes you feel sure of yourself. It’s for people who know themselves or who are learning more about themselves. It’s for people that are honest with their intentions. She sends strong messages through simple means. I like her speed and her direction of artistry. Her work is something everyone can feel and I think that’s why it’s for people who know themselves. We’re all aware of who we are, but it takes a lot to say it out loud. Fousheé says it for us.

Want to give these artists a try? Scan the Spotify code above!

By Kaylee Haas, Staff Writer


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