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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month, which is ongoing from Sept. 15 until Oct. 15, is an annual celebration in the United States for Hispanic culture and the contributions of Hispanic people to the nation's history. Various organizations on Meredith’s campus have held events to commemorate the month, including the Meredith International Association (MIA) and Angeles Latines. Other events have been hosted in various locations across the Triangle, as well. As Hispanic Heritage Month draws to a close, there are still a few ways to celebrate, including a few more events before the month is over.

As Hispanic Heritage Month draws to a close, there are still a few events that people can attend. Additionally, there have been a number of events that have already passed that has celebrated the heritage month already. According to the National Hispanic Heritage Month website, activities and opportunities varied from courses and workshops, to art and food festivals, concerts and performances and more.

On Oct. 11 at 11 p.m., the North Carolina Museum of History is hosting an event called “History at High Noon: Latinísimo!” This event will feature guest speaker Sandra A. Gutierrez as she discusses her cookbook of Latin recipes.

On Oct. 12 at 6 p.m., a lecture will be held at the Diamante Arts and Cultural Center about the Puerto Rican Cuatro by Luiz Sanz. A cuatro is a stringed instrument from Puerto Rico. Sanz will be exploring the history of the cuatro and how it evolved into the modern instrument.

The 2023 NC Latin Film Festival is ongoing until Oct. 17. Theaters at various universities in the Triangle area are having public showings of films made by Latin directors from across the globe. Every year the films are selected based on a theme, and this year's theme is “plants as a part of life.”

If you cannot attend these last few events, other ways to celebrate include educating yourself on Hispanic issues and history. Watching movies featuring Hispanic culture is an easy way to learn more during Hispanic Heritage Month, as well as trying a recipe from a Hispanic country. Overall, the last few days left in Hispanic Heritage Month is a great time to appreciate Hispanic heritage and immerse yourself in the culture.

By Liese Devine, Features Editor

Graphic by Shae-Lynn Henderson, EIC


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