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Close to “Home” Fall Break Ideas

a series of 4 images: trees, a waterfall, coy fish and an orange flower
Photos courtesy of Jenna Bennet; Graphic by Rachel Van Horne

With fall having officially begun and only two weeks until fall break begins, many students have started to plan what they will be doing with their short stint of freedom. For students staying in Raleigh over break, here’s a list of activities to do.

NC State Arboretum

The JC Raulston Arboretum is a short 3 minute drive from Meredith and there is no cost for admission. Explore this beautiful 10 acre property that boosts the “one of the largest and most diverse collections of landscape plants adapted for landscape use in the Southeast.” My recommended areas to visit include the Zen Garden and the rooftop garden.

William B. Umstead Park

Umstead Park expands over 5,599 acres and is home to hiking and bike trails as well as camping and picnic areas. Umstead has two trail heads that can be accessed from Interstate 40 or US 70. Maps are available at the visitors center.

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Town of Cary Augmented Reality Exhibition

The town of Cary is currently hosting an augmented reality exhibition with features from several local artists. The exhibit is located conveniently in downtown Cary. These digital art works can only be viewed through a free app called “Cary AR Public Art Exhibition,” available on both the Apple Store or Google Play. This outdoor activity is great for those interested in being COVID-19 cautious while wanting to have fun. There are nine unique artwork pieces to find. For more information, visit the town of Cary's official website.

RDU Observation Deck

If you are anything like me, you are probably just waiting for the day you can fly off to new places safely again. If flying somewhere fun and exciting isn’t in your plans for fall break, checking out the observation deck at Raleigh-Durham International Airport may just give you some of those jet set feelings you are missing. With a view of the airport’s 10,000 foot runway, you will be able to watch as planes take off. This area can be reached by both stairs and elevator.

State Farmers Market

There is nothing I love more than exploring a farmers market on a nice morning. Luckily, Meredith is within close proximity to the State Farmers Market. The Farmers Market is open seven days a week with a mission to provide “fresh locally grown produce, meats and cheeses from area farmers.” While you are there, I highly recommend picking up a cactus as well as having breakfast at the State Farmers Market Restaurant.

By Rachel Van Horne, Associate Editor


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