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College Night for Caniacs

The Hurricanes have brought back College Night along with their recent success in the NHL. After a slump since winning the Stanley Cup in 2006, the Canes have a pulse once again, and their recent success has gotten some notice. Despite east of the Mason-Dixon being known for its Southern hospitality, the Hurricanes have a reputation of being “a bunch of jerks”—a title their fans have embraced. They earned this moniker last season after performing their quirky end-of-game celebration dances and skits as a salute to their fans. This “bunch of jerks,” their post-game celebrations and their on-the-ice talent aren’t to be missed this season.

Meredith students can watch these games live by presenting their Cam Cards at the box office before the game to purchase discounted tickets. The upper-level tickets average around $20 while lower-level tickets are around $40. There is also an app where students can purchase tickets before the game and link tickets with other classmates so everyone can sit together.

For more information and for the Hurricanes schedule, go to

By Alyssa Irons, Contributing Writer


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