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December's Rockin' Tunes

Image created by Kaylee Haas

New This Month:

evermore by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has released the sister album to her previous masterpiece, folklore, which came out on July 24. Creating and releasing two albums in one year is no easy task. Evermore presents a feeling of fall and winter, unlike the theme of spring and summer that folklore envisions. Evermore perfectly captures maturity and the depth of understanding about who individuals are in their relationship. It also reflects on the past in a distinguished way, which doesn’t mean the album is sad or boring — from turned down marriage proposals to a murder mystery, this album is not without adventure and heart. My favorite songs off of this album are “willow,” “tolerate it,” “no body, no crime,” “ivy” and “‘tis the damn season.” Nine albums later and Swift still perfectly holds special moments within her music. Her discography can transport you back into any point of your life, leaving you to reminisce on moments past.

Artists like Taylor Swift: Bleachers and Lorde

“Pick Up Your Feelings” by Jazmine Sullivan

This track is the perfect breakup anthem. Jazmine Sullivan’s honey-like voice mixed with sharp lyrics sets the mood for independence. The unapologetic vibe of this song delivers a sense of purpose, which is often needed after leaving a piece of your heart behind. Sullivan’s ability to create a song with such an electric beat and well-crafted lyrics is magical. This song is a lesson well learned on how your worth and independence matter after a breakup.

Artists like Jazmine Sullivan: Kehlani and H.E.R.

“Change My Mind” by Carly Rose

From being a runner up on the The X-Factor (U.S.) at the age of 13 to developing her mature creative visions now, Carly Rose’s progression in her career as a musical artist has been an incredible journey to watch. Although “Change My Mind” provides a deep sense of self reflection, the beat is just as captivating. My favorite lyric from this track is “I like records just to sing along ‘cause I’m still sixteen if I play this song.” We choose what we like because it is comfortable, and we often can’t be swayed from safety. There are parts of us that will remain constant, and I think Carly Rose has captured that sentiment with her song.

Artists like Carly Rose: Alessia Cara and Hailee Steinfeld

“Lotus Inn” by Why Don’t We

If you’ve ever wished you had the power to time travel, this song is the right one for you. Sometimes, there is a memory just so sweet that you want to live in that moment forever. “Lotus Inn” highlights the feelings and thrills of falling in love and wanting to save those feelings. Why Don’t We seized that feeling wholeheartedly. With such a fun beat, this song will have you pressing rewind.

Artists like Why Don’t We: EBEN and In Real Life

“Afterglow” by Myriad

This band has been promoting themselves on TikTok, and it’s working. I was immediately hooked after hearing them on the social media platform. I was especially hooked after hearing their song “Afterglow.” It has the perfect alternative/rock/punk sound that I have been missing. It takes me back to the beginning stages of discovering that I liked music like this. If you’re looking to enter this genre or need a fun new track, this is it. Also, the song makes you feel like you’re the main character, so it’s a win.

Artists like Myriad: The 1975 and The Academic

“You” by The Motive

I would dance to this track until my feet fell off. I think that’s the best way to describe this song. While the lyrics may not completely match that feeling, the beat is fresh and electric. With stellar vocals, “You” is a well-rounded song. My favorite lyric is “Lately I’ve been running away from all the things that keep me sane.” That lyric sums up life, love and how people go the extra mile and tend to overthink when it comes to others. The Motive captures this experience in a funky way.

Artists like The Motive: The 1975 and Declan Mckenna

Still On Repeat:

Lover by Taylor Swift

I’m not sure if it’s because 2020 has been rough, but listening to Swift’s 2019 album, Lover, makes me feel better. It reminds me of the fun of summer and makes me feel like I’m the quirky teenager in a coming of age film. Lover exudes the feeling of the end of an era; it gives the feeling of a summer before college or the beginning of a new relationship. I think that’s why it’s so easy to listen to. My favorite tracks are “Cruel Summer,” “False God,” “Afterglow,” “The Man” and “Death By A Thousand Cuts.”

“Moral of the Story” by Ashe featuring Niall Horan

This track actually holds my favorite lyric of the year: “You can think that you’re in love/ When you’re really just engaged.” Hearing this lyric for the first time blew my mind. We always think of people who are engaged as happy and in their honeymoon phase. Yet, we never stop to think about what that title really means. Are you happy? Is the relationship healthy? The moral of the story is that you’re stronger through reflection. This meaning mixed with Ashe’s incredibly unique voice and Horan’s smooth tone creates a force of musical magic.

Artists like Ashe: Julia Michaels and Ava Max

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By Kaylee Haas, Staff Writer


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