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Duck, Duck, Pig: MC's Newest Game

A small rubber duck sitting in a plant
Photo by Kaylee Haas

One might think that MC Ducks — @m.c.ducks on Instagram — had been an established campus phenomenon that suddenly stepped into the spotlight, but it was created on Aug. 20, 2021, just two days after the first day of classes. Within a week, the page gained over 100 new followers and a cult-like enthusiasm. Even MC Ducks was surprised by the page’s sudden popularity, saying that they never expected the project to get this big.

MC Ducks is a completely student-run initiative that started as a spontaneous, 2 a.m. idea. But don’t let the name fool you — MC Ducks also hides pigs, and is even considering expanding their goods to celebrate holidays and Meredith events.

To play, students must first find a toy duck or pig around campus. Students can take a photo of themselves with their findings and send it to the MC Ducks Instagram page to let them know a toy has been found. Students can collect one of each animal, but the game doesn’t stop there. If they find more than one duck or pig on campus, they are instructed to re-hide them. When the student re-hides a duck or pig, MC Ducks asks them to send a picture of the duck or pig to their Instagram account for it to be posted or featured. MC Ducks describes it as a “take one, leave one” rule so that other students will have the opportunity to participate in the fun.

Students can participate in the scavenger hunt by starting to look for a duck or pig around campus, mainly outdoors for COVID-19 safety. As an outdoor game, MC Ducks frequently updates their followers of the weather forecast on their Instagram story to avoid any student from playing in bad weather. Even with all the fun, MC Ducks’ priority is to keep everyone safe and healthy.

When it comes to the true identity of MC Ducks, don’t expect a reveal any time soon. They want people to focus on the game rather than trying to figure out who they are. MC Ducks does not have an end goal for their newest game, and there is no telling when this game might end. They hope that no matter what, the game will continue to bring joy to Meredith students. In their words, “It’s the little things that make people smile the biggest.”

By Aminah Jenkins, Associate Editor, and Hannah Taib, Staff Writer


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