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Hillsborough Street Recommendations

Center of a sidewalk on Hillsborough Street, a tree with orange and yellow leaves on the left and a mural saying "Welcome to Hillsborough Street" on the right
Photo courtesy of @liveitupraleigh on Instagram

Meredith College is surrounded by numerous options for food and leisure along Hillsborough Street. To help incoming students narrow down these options and how to spend your time outside of class, The Herald staff has come together to offer our recommendations.

Lucky Tree

Rebecca Simmons: the ambience

Cady Stanley: Iced Lavender Mocha

Evelyn Summers: Fruit Tea with a black base, and popping bubbles


Rebecca Simmons: Stand-Up Comedy Open Mic the second Tuesday of every month at 8 p.m.

Jasmin & Olivz Mediterranean

Rebecca Simmons: Pistachio baklava

Aminah Jenkins: Jasmin Platter with Jasmin chicken, hummus, basmati rice and tzatziki sauce

Waffle House

Rebecca Simmons: Chocolate chip waffle

Cady Stanley: Hashbrowns smothered and covered

Aminah Jenkins: Hashbrowns smothered, covered and peppered

Gym Tacos

Aminah Jenkins: Steak torta

Charlie Hatch: Chicken quesadilla

Reader’s Corner

This used book store buys and sells vintage books, vinyl records and collectable comic books and postcards.

Nice Price Books & Records

Nice Price Books & Records buys and sells used books and has an extensive vinyl record collection categorized by genre. The store also has a weekly podcast called The Nice Price where employees discuss “new and reissued records.”

Meat & Bite (halal)

Aminah Jenkins: Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich

Wings Over

Aminah Jenkins: Classic Chicken Sandwich with Sweet Korean Fire sauce

Charlie Hatch: Mild wings

Taco El Patrón 323

Aminah Jenkins: Chorizo tacos

Charlie Hatch: Queso birria tacos

Slice of New York Pizza (halal)

Aminah Jenkins: Barbecue Chicken pizza and Buffalo Chicken pizza

Jubala Coffee

Charlie Hatch: Vanilla latte and pimento grilled cheese sandwich

Responses compiled by Rebecca Simmons, Contributing Writer


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