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How Much is Too Much?

- By Caroline Crofton, Staff Writer -

In the past, spring breakers have enjoyed the beach, the mountains, or traveling near and far. However, this spring break, students decided to invest in their Netflix accounts. A full seven days of no homework and no tests – was your number one priority Netflix?

Netflix has a feature that allows users to access their viewing activity. I randomly selected 15 Meredith students to show me their Netflix accounts. From the 15 students, a list came about of the top five most binge watched series over Spring Break.

1. Stranger Things

2. Riverdale

3. Black Mirror

4. The Office

5. Breaking Bad

168 hours to binge watch anything on Netflix, it was no surprise that these were the results! With Summer only six weeks away (scary right?!?!), there will be even more time for “Netflix-ing."


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