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March's Rockin' Tunes

Image created by Kaylee Haas

New This Month:

“Die For You” by Justin Bieber featuring Dominic Fike

This track is a hidden gem from Justin Bieber’s new album Justice. With its ‘80s rhythm, aesthetic and powerful feature from Dominic Fike, I feel that this song is a strong contender for Bieber’s next hit. I know “Peaches” is big right now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if “Die For You” overtakes it as the next fan favorite. The track is catchy and will have you hooked instantly. It has that taste of nostalgia that we all crave. Its lyrics are cheesy but charming. They remind you of the strength of the feelings you have when falling in love. I can’t lie, I’m not Bieber’s number one fan but this song could make me a “belieber.”

Artists like Justin Bieber: Charlie Puth and Shawn Mendes

“Kathleen” by Foxes

Sometimes, a song can be written so simply yet carry a complex weight. The song “Kathleen” captures that essence. It goes back to the basics of music and contributes shareable feelings, which make it easier to connect to. We all have a Kathleen in our lives, someone who can read us so well that they know how we feel. They even know our cycles, feelings and relationships. They’ve made a mark so incredible that it stays with us forever. They are a part of our story. Foxes personifies this energy in their latest single. This song is definitely unskippable.

Artists like Foxes: Tove Lo and Carly Rae Jepsen

Bloom by Carpool Tunnel

The best word to describe this album is fun. It’s the perfect album for spring, which is fitting considering it’s called Bloom! Every song makes you feel lighthearted or on the edge of something new. I think it personifies the season. My favorite tracks off of the album are “Empty Faces,” “Dreaming Still,” “Flora” and “Nostalgia.” Each song packs a different punch but stays on the same general theme. This album gives a great listening experience.

Artists like Carpool Tunnel: Seaway and Mt. Eddy

“Till Forever Falls Apart” by Ashe and FINNEAS

Ashe just doesn’t know how to not make a good song. Her partnership with FINNEAS for this track is pure brilliance. The power behind the lyrics and the instrumentals is a perfect match. Having FINNEAS on the track also helps tell both sides of the story. The way they blend just makes this track absolutely stellar. If you weren’t looking to be in love with anyone anytime soon, this song might just change your mind. “Till Forever Falls Apart” is classic creativity. It tells a timeless tale with new characters.

Artists like Ashe: Julia Micheals and Dodie

“(L)only Child” by salem ilese

Only children rejoice! There is finally a song that represents the experience of being an only child. Salem ilese perfectly captures the feelings and actions of only children. The experience is not universal, but loneliness definitely is present when you don’t have siblings. In this song, lonely and only are synonymous. “Onlies” always know how to entertain themselves. They also know how to be lonely, but not forever. Without some conversation, they’ll die. Knowing how to pull away and become distant is a very good trait after fear of not doing enough is also present in their daily lives. Somehow, that’s a connection though. It’s nice to have some representation of only children in music. Personally, I think this song is a mostly accurate portrayal of only children.

Artists like salem ilese: Ava Max and Melanie Martinez

“On The Ground” by ROSÉ

The grass is not always greener on the other side. We all think that things are better at the top, when, in reality, everything we need is on the ground. ROSÉ, making up a fourth of Blackpink, depicts this in her song. The K-pop industry is no joke. Just being able to be considered for a K-pop group is one of the most difficult processes in the world. ROSÉ has truly worked hard to be where she is. This song is the perfect testimony of her feelings: seeing life’s realities change your perspective. It is interesting to see this perspective from ROSÉ.

Artists like ROSÉ: Blackpink and Little Mix

“Cloud 9” by Beach Bunny

This song came out a few months ago, but it has just recently taken off. I have been listening to it every day for the past week. It really makes you feel like you’re on cloud nine. The track gives off the same feelings as the giddy butterflies you get when you fall in love. We all pretend like the feeling doesn’t affect us, but it does. This song is pure serotonin. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up tune, this is it.

Artists like Beach Bunny: The Greeting Committee and girl in red

Still On Repeat:

When We Were Friends by The Backseat Lovers

I will be immediately buying concert tickets for The Backseat Lovers because of this album, of course when the pandemic is over — that’s how great this album is. Although I only recently listened to the album in full, it came out in 2019. It has not lost any value, though. My favorite songs from the album are “Kilby Girl,” “Pool House,” “Maple Syrup” and “Sinking Ship.” Each song has a sense of imagery which is a magical thing for an artist to create. I can tell that this album will be one of my favorites for this year.

Other songs like these by The Backseat Lovers: “Heavy” and “Just a Boy”

The Pains of Growing by Alessia Cara

If I am ever questioning who I am, I go straight to this album. This album came out at a time when I really needed it and it consistently hits home. It is an album that grows with me as I age. My favorite songs are “My Kind,” “Growing Pains,” “All We Know” and “Out of Love.” The album illustrates the transitions into adulthood and relationships. Alessia Cara shows that it’s normal to reminisce while moving forward. Cara is always sentimental and honest, and I feel like not many albums or artists are like that anymore. I will forever love the music Cara makes, but this album has a special place in my heart and brain.

Other songs like these by Alessia Cara: “Rooting for You” and “Overdose”

While We Wait by Kehlani

Kehlani can create art unlike any other musician. Her creative vision and execution are incredibly respectable. My personal favorites from this album are “Footsteps,” “Love Language” and “Nunya.” Kehlani’s vocals are also showcased in this album. She also chose great features for this album. She knows who she is as a person and an artist, and it shows through her music. This album will be on repeat for the rest of my life. It’s a hidden gem in her discography.

Other songs like these by Kehlani: “Personal” (this is my ultimate feel-good song) and “All Me” featuring Keyshia Cole

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By Kaylee Haas, Staff Writer


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