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May's Rockin' Tunes

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New This Month:

Greatest Hits by Waterparks

Listen, I know it’s only May but this is going to be one of my most played albums of the year. Waterparks’ talent is intoxicating. Frontman Awsten Knight is a brilliant songwriter; it’s understandable why this album is called Greatest Hits and it’s not cocky at all. Each song has a different theme, yet the album is collective with honest and thoughtful lyrics and when they are mixed with the stellar instrumentals, it’s euphoric. Not many artists are doing it like Waterparks — they are putting their truth into their music and that’s what creating music is about. My favorite tracks from the album are “Fuzzy,” “Snowglobe,” “Just Kidding,” “The Secret Life of Me,” “American Graffiti,” “Fruit Roll Ups,” “Crying Over It All” and “See You In The Future.” Their growth from past albums has been stellar so please give this album a listen.

Artists like Waterparks: Julia Michaels and With Confidence

SOUR by Olivia Rodrigo

This album immediately transports me back to high school, which, like most people, was my nightmare. However, Olivia Rodrigo makes it fun. SOUR is angsty and sad in the best way. It reminds me of growing up and first loves. I think it’s easy to connect to because these things are universal experiences; the album has the emotions that we all feel, and it reminds us of the feelings we forget when we’re on the other side of an ending. My favorite tracks on this album are “brutal,” “traitor,” “deja vu,” “good 4 u” and “favorite crime.” If you’re in the mood for exciting time travel, this album is for you.

Artists like Oliva Rodrigo: Conan Gray and Taylor Swift

“Transparent Soul” feat. Travis Barker by WILLOW

If you think WILLOW is still the same person who sang “Whip My Hair,” you are wrong. Her growth is exponential. She is now dipping her toes into the pop punk genre, and I wish she had done it sooner. “Transparent Soul” is good — like, it’s really good. The lyrics are gold, and I am so excited for what she has in store for her new music. I can already tell she’s going to absolutely thrive with anything she does. Give this song a listen as soon as possible.

Artists like WILLOW: Doll Skin and Tonight Alive

“either side” by LOONY

I was in a trance the second I hit play on this song. LOONY’s vocals are magical, and I am so sad I have not heard them sooner. This song perfectly describes how the universe provides: that no matter what happens, life is going the way it’s supposed to. That type of trust in the universe matters and this song is a great reminder of that. If you’re looking for new R&B artists, put LOONY on your radar, you won’t regret it.

Artists like LOONY: Jon Vinyl and Lake Street Dive

“Butter” by BTS

This song is so catchy; it’s light and has a good vibe. It’s one of those songs where you can’t really be sad while listening to it. It’s fun, and if you’re getting into K-POP, this would be a great starting point. It’s understandable why BTS is such a powerhouse — the fact that they broke their own YouTube record should be proof of what they’re capable of. This song is a great example of their star power. I foresee this being a big summer hit.

Artists like BTS: NCT and Stray Kids

“Stop Making This Hurt” by Bleachers

You may not already know this, but you probably love Bleachers’ work. Bleachers, also known as Jack Antonoff, has written for the likes of Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, Lorde, PINK! and countless others. His new track just goes to prove that he makes great songs. I definitely will be playing this song all summer long. “Stop Making This Hurt” is refreshing and catchy; from the instrumentals to the storytelling, Antonoff knows what he’s doing. You just have to experience it.

Artists like Bleachers: fun. and Carly Rae Jepsen

Still On Repeat:

“High Hopes” by Yours Truly

I am embarrassed. I only recently found out about this song, but it came out in 2018. It is too good — I have spent the last month screaming the lyrics in my car, my room, my shower and basically anywhere I can. It has such good energy and it reminds me of why I love the rock genre so much. I have had it on repeat and I’m not tired of it, so that has to mean something.

Other songs like these by Your Truly: Circles and Composure

Don’t Panic: It’s Longer Now! by All Time Low

This is my favorite album by All Time Low, hands down. I don’t know if it’s the timing of when I found it or the way there are no skips on the album, but I’ve been listening to it for eight years now so I think it’s safe to say I love it. It helped define my music taste and for that I owe it a lot — I think that’s why I return to it time and time again. This will be an alternative classic one day, so jump on the bandwagon now. My favorite tracks off of the album are “Me Without You (All I Ever Wanted),” “If These Sheets Were The States,” “Somewhere In Neverland,” “The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver,” “Thanks to You” and “Paint You Wings.”

Other albums like these by All Time Low: Dirty Work and Future Hearts

“Mmm Yeah” feat. Pitbull by Austin Mahone

I actually listen to this song religiously. I don’t know if it’s because Mr. Worldwide, 305, Dale himself is on it too, but it’s just fun. It gives the perfect dose of nostalgia. I honestly don’t have much to say about it, I just like it. Austin Mahone knew what he was doing with this song.

Other songs like these by Austin Mahone: Banga! Banga! and Say Somethin’

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By Kaylee Haas, Staff Writer


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