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Meredith Celebrates 133rd Birthday

President Jo Allen, ‘80, celebrated her final Giving Day as the college’s president this year. The highest amount of donations given were to campus priorities, which include “all of the immediate needs such as scholarships, academic departments, faculty development, campus grounds and facilities.” In a press release given by the college, Allen stated that it was her “great honor to be president of [her] alma mater and make everything count for Meredith.”  As published online, Claire Sullivan Slaughter, ‘72, asked the Meredith community to try reach a goal of $1.3 million, symbolic of President Allen’s 13 years at Meredith 

Donors, largely Meredith alumnae, contributed to Giving Day from all across the United States. According to Melyssa Allen, the college’s News Director, there were fifteen Giving Day parties set up throughout the country, all of which were done through alumnae relations staff support.

Throughout the afternoon, current Meredith students, faculty, and staff celebrated in the Johnson Hall Rotunda. The 1891 Club and Belk Dining Hall staff had a dessert table at the event. Desserts included cupcakes, blondies, and traditional cake, all of which were decorated in Meredith maroon frosting. Clubs, such as Angels for Disability Advocacy (ADA), created social media content to celebrate Giving Day. Anna Blount, the college’s Social Media Strategist and Content Producer told The Herald that it was her “first Giving Day here at Meredith” and that she was “excited to see all the campus celebrations from both alumnae and current students”. 

By Kat Whetstone, Reporter

Graphic by Shae-Lynn Henderson, EIC



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