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MIA Fashion Show

Photo courtesy of @meredith_international_assoc on Instagram

With styles and students from South Korea to Egypt to Colombia to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (and many places in between), the Meredith International Association’s 2023 Fashion Show was an amazing showcase of the diverse cultures at Meredith.

The show made its return this year for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic, and we were excited to see how well other cultures can be incorporated into future shows. Hosted by Karen A. Saavedra Salomon, ‘24, and Ryan Payne, ‘23, both in their beautiful cultural wear, the night featured cultural dances from South Korea, Egypt and Latin America and a KPOP rendition from the KPACK dance group.

Delice Liteli performed a beautiful rendition of the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s national anthem, followed by Cynthia Hernandez representing Mexico through song.

Noelle Pearce put a twist on the night’s talent by demonstrating how certain foods are made in China. Anna Moriah-Fung followed suit and gave us a cultural showcase with fun facts about Singapore.

Photo courtesy of @meredith_international_assoc on Instagram

The night closed out with Katalyna Ortiz and Daniella Martin giving us hope with their performance of “Las Cometas Siempre Vuelan en Agosto.” The song talks about Venezuelan traditions and how citizens will come out to spend time with family in the summertime and fly their kites together. While the show was nerve-racking for the performers, the talent was amazing and the audience raved in support.

My personal favorite was the food. In true Jamaican fashion, the food was late, but the patties and plantains were a hit!

A big shoutout to the MIA board who planned and perfectly executed a great night!

By Khadejra Golding, Reporter


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