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Mounting Lore Olympus

Artwork by Rachel Smythe

It’s official: the popular webcomic Lore Olympus is getting its own animated series! While it remains unclear on which platform the show will air and when any release dates are, it is known that the Jim Henson Company will be producing it.

The story of Lore Olympus is the modern retelling of the classic Greek myth of Persephone and Hades. Rachel Smythe, the creator of the comic, has expressed a love for Greek mythology and a desire to bring Greek mythos to a modern audience. Lore Olympus, the story of Persephone and Hades, is a drama and romance that deals with many darker issues like abusive relationships and sexual assault.

Lore Olympus is currently the number one webcomic on the app Webtoon. The comic, re-released in the “Features” section of Webtoon in 2018 and still ongoing, gets roughly 1 million readers per episode. Lore Olympus has amassed a massive online following, ranging from cosplay to voice-dubbing projects to tons of fan art. As this announcement sparks excitement amidst the fanbase, fans of other webtoons are excited at the prospect of different series getting adaptations. The app, and by extension many of the comics and artists utilizing it, is originally South Korean. Comics on the app have been adapted for TV viewing but only in South Korea and typically as live-action dramas. Lore Olympus is different, having first been released in Webtoons’ “Discover” section, an area where any artist can upload their comics and art for free at any time. Lore Olympus quickly grew a fan base for its unique art style and exciting romance. It grew in popularity and was ultimately re-released with a new style to Webtoons’ “Featured Works,” where artists have weekly updates and receive more advertising. It will not be the first animated webtoon, but the excitement remains high all the same.

Artwork by Rachel Smythe

Fans of Lore Olympus have been thrilled to learn that the Jim Henson Company is taking the task, as the company is popular for its film success. The Henson Company has produced fan-favorite films for decades, particularly known for their puppet work in films like The Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, and the TV show “Fraggle Rock.” The company has noted that Lore Olympus will be animated. While the Jim Henson Company has produced animated TV shows in the past, all of them have been aimed at children, whereas Lore Olympus appeals to young adults and adults. The project will be a change for the company, but Ashley Griffis, executive director of television for The Henson Company, doesn’t seem intimidated. “At Henson, we love stories that inspire, both artistically and intellectually, and Webtoon’s Lore Olympus does both,” Griffis said. She also pointed out that “Rachel Smythe’s new take on mythology and innovative design, with a unique female perspective, makes this project perfect for today’s young adults. The world of Lore Olympus is a welcome part of the Henson tradition of exceptional fantasy storytelling.”

Fans have expressed excitement over the announcement, and now all that’s left to do is wait for further details. If you haven’t joined the excitement, you can start reading Lore Olympus on the Webtoon App or follow this link to join the thrill:

By Savi Swiggard, Associate Editor


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