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Move-In Day Tips

Three brown moving boxes taped at the top, placed in front of a window with a yellow curtain
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Moving into the Meredith College residence halls, like most move-in processes, can be overwhelming if not properly prepared. Move-in is a tradition symbolic of new beginnings and so, perhaps with a few tips, Meredith College students will start off on the right foot.

The most important reference to use is the Meredith College Residence Life page. It gives students insight into the layout of each room, virtual tours, items to bring and the benefits of living on campus. Students who utilize this page can plan to bring correctly-sized sheets or an appropriate fridge among other things. Additionally, there is a list of prohibited items so that students are not fined by the Housing Association. Planning helps alleviate the concern of forgetting something and making last-minute purchases.

Another key aspect is checking your college email regularly. Residence Life has sent or will be sending information like which building and room one will be in; move-in dates and roommates names with respective contact information. Getting in contact with one’s roommate and suitemates early can help in getting to know one another better before move-in. Secondly, there will most likely be four people sharing spaces like the bathroom, and getting in contact provides the opportunity to discuss who will be getting what items like shower mats or shelving.

While Meredith does ensure that the rooms are well prepared for student arrival, bringing cleaning supplies will prove helpful. Bring basics like a vacuum cleaner, wipes for surfaces and bathroom cleaner. Consider also keeping these supplies for throughout the semester.

As for move-in day, a lot will be happening. Students will most likely be getting their parking passes as well as student ID cards. Getting these done before beginning the physical moving process could prove necessary, as the CamCard photo will be used over the course of one’s career at the College. Traditionally, Meredith does serve a lunch that students and family can enjoy, but do consider bringing one’s own snacks and drinks as well to stay hydrated during a likely hot day with a fair amount of heavy lifting to do.

Meredith College and staff are also there to make the experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. If there are any uncertainties or confusions, be sure to reach out and ask questions via email using or on campus on the big day. Planning and being prepared helps make the daunting task seem more manageable and possibly even fun.

By Shae-Lynn Henderson, Staff Writer


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