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Music for Finals: A Selection from Herald Staff

Album covers for The Brook and The Bluff, Taylor Swift, Jackii Kennedy and Dodie
Graphic by Elinor Shelp-Peck

As final exams loom imminent over campus, students are struggling with maintaining attention spans for long hours of studying. Music is one study aid that can help time fly by, whether you’re studying for chemistry, history, economics or English. Here is a compiled list of music Herald staff members enjoy listening to while they study.

The Brook & The Bluff, First Place

Contributed by Ally Cefalu, A&E Editor

First Place is the 2019 debut album from Alabama natives The Brook & The Bluff. This album is cohesive enough to where there are no study distractions, but different enough so that each song doesn’t sound the same. Floaty vocals accompanied by groovy guitar and impeccable lyricism make this album perfect to put on repeat during a study session. Some of my personal favorites are “Everything is Just a Mess,” “Hallways” and “Shelby.”

Taylor Swift, folklore and evermore

Contributed by Olivia Slack, Co-Editor in Chief

Taylor Swift’s back-to-back surprise albums folklore and evermore both contain the perfect mellow study music. Both albums are similar sonically, and the vocals are smooth and relaxing. While some of the songs are melancholy and others are more upbeat, none of them are distracting enough to take away from studying, essay writing or project completion. And if you want a study break, reveling in the fake crimes committed in “no body, no crime (feat. HAIM)” from evermore should give you the pick-me-up you need.

Jackii Kennedy

Contributed by Elinor Shelp-Peck, Co-Editor in Chief

Jackii Kennedy is an emerging artist with great lo-fi, chill bops that are great for studying. My personal favorites include “Freeway,” “Cool With It,” “Vulture,” “Mine” and “The Zone.” However, any of Kennedy’s music will set the scene for a productive study session. The ideal way to listen to Kennedy is to go to her Spotify or Apple Music page and press shuffle. Not only are these songs great to study to, but they also are great when you need to wind down and relax from a tense night of studying. If the above music wasn’t calm enough for you, Kennedy released an acoustic album, Word to the Universe, Pt. 2 (Acoustic). This album has the acoustic versions of a few of her top songs; others have been individually acoustically released.


Contributed by Rachel Van Horne, Associate Editor

Dodie — the stage name of Dorothy Miranda Clark — is an English pop singer who started her career on YouTube. Her melodic music combined with her simple lyrics makes studying calm and relaxing. Her 2017 album You features a personal favorite of mine, “Would You Be So Kind.” The gentle nature of her voice and self discovery she shares through her music often leaves me feeling reflective.

Weston Estate

Contributed by Aminah Jenkins, Associate Editor

Weston Estate is an up-and-coming band that creates lo-fi/alternative music. Though they haven’t released an album or an EP yet, their singles can help with getting in the right headspace for a long study session. “Pears” and “Hypnotizing” have a more laid-back sound that is good for staying focused for long periods of time. Their recent single “Stoked” is more upbeat, but is a great song to listen to if you need motivation to complete short tasks. If you need a break between assignments, the slow, melodic tempo of “Cotton Candy” provides a sweet escape.

The Japanese House, Good at Falling and Saw You In A Dream

Contributed by Molly Perry, Features Editor

The Japanese House, otherwise known as Amber Bain, is an indie-pop artist from England. Her laid-back, synth-pop beats and melodic lyrics create the perfect backdrop for a chill study session. My favorite songs like “Saw You In A Dream,” “Maybe You’re the Reason” and “somethingfartoogoodtofeel” will keep you focused while maintaining a positive atmosphere. Some of her more upbeat songs like “We Talk All the Time” and “Follow My Girl” are also perfect for a much-needed dance break during a long night of studying.

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Dec 02, 2021

I absolutely agree with the TS selections on this list. Best study music ever. <3

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