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NC State Fair is Back

Photo courtesy of @ncstatefair on Instagram

The annual North Carolina State Fair is back! Coming in as the largest annual event held in Raleigh, it will have over 75 rides, including five new attractions, new and returning food vendors, ore which can be enjoyed from Oct. 13 to Oct. 23. The fair is located on 4285 Trinity Rd, Raleigh NC, approximately 2.7 miles away from Meredith’s campus. Ride wristbands and ticket books are available online, at the location and in select gas stations. All these factors make it a fairly easy and accessible event for college students both at Meredith College and NC State University. For the convenience of visitors who are not local, the state fair has teamed with nine nearby hotels, which are presently providing accommodations at a subsidized rate.

This affair draws in approximately one million people on average each year and has a lot to offer, including,horse shows and livestock competitions, the “Field of Dreams” flower and garden show, a Folk Festival, a Heritage Circle and more unique attractions.The state fair also offers seasonal employment to anyone who is willing to work. Ticket prices will vary. Visit the NC State Fair website for additional information to find out about all the activities, food vendors, events, passes and more!

By Sheridan Taylor, Contributing Writer



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