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New Littles Taking on the Block

Have you heard the news? There is a new group of Littles "on the block," and Meredith College has been greeting them excitedly through a variety of events. The events started off with the “Welcome” social on August 22, 2019. This event, held in the Cate Center, gave freshmen an opportunity to meet and mingle with others from their class and peers from their Big Sis class, the Class of 2021! There were several activities to get the new Big and Little classes excited, from a DJ to trivia games.

The “New Littles on the Block” social was held on August 28, 2019 in the BDH Courtyard. This event was also the first event at which Littles knew who their Bigs were and vice versa. This 80s-themed event hosted activities from fanny-pack decorating to an appearance by The Oddballs. When asked about her experience at this event, freshman Bridget Gables had nothing but positive statements, saying, “Being an introvert, I was nervous my Big would be an extrovert, but after meeting her, I learned we are both introverts, and we were able to enjoy the events of the social together.” As for the events of the social, several freshmen commented on how welcome they felt and how exciting it was to watch the Oddballs perform and get to know their Bigs and Twins. In the week following the ‘Big’ social, a series of smaller socials (including an ice-cream social and a brunch) ended the welcoming festivities for the new Littles in the class of 2023. It’s looking to be an ‘Oddly’ encouraging year!

By Rachel Van Horne, Staff Writer


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