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New on the Block: MCDC

Meredith College Dance Crew (MCDC) is the newest dance group at Meredith. Comprised of four members—Ricaria Miller, Safa Salahaldeen, Danielle Anthony and Ja’dah Spradley—this hip-hop group has already performed at three home basketball games. They are working on scheduling dances for lacrosse games and have already started planning choreography for the next basketball season. Impressively, they’ve pulled off a routine for a game with only six rehearsals.

Ricaria Miller, the president of MCDC, says that she spoke with Carol Finley, Head of the Department of Dance and Theatre, about creating MCDC when she discovered that Meredith didn’t have a hip-hop group. Ricaria said that her “background as a dancer is hip-hop and [she] wanted to continue to express [herself ].” She also found similar interest from the Meredith community. MCDC doesn’t just do performances, either; they meet Mondays at 10 a.m. in Weatherspoon’s Movement Lab to enjoy practicing hiphop. Ja’dah Spradley describes the 10 a.m. meetings as “light and more of a de-stressing” practice. An important note: those who join MCDC don’t have to perform at games if they don’t want to, so the Monday meetings are for anyone interested in dancing hiphop. Ricaria promises that “you don’t need a background in hip-hop. If you have rhythm, I can teach you.”

If you’d like to learn more about MCDC, the group has an Instagram, @_mcdc_, where you can contact Ricaria to find out more.

By Lilly R. Wood, A&E Editor



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