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Pop Culture with Aminah: Black Creators You Should Know

Four Black women laying against each other with mainly their faces in-frame
Photo by Mariah Tyes-Evans

Following this year’s Black History Month, the relationship between the past, present and future of Black experiences has been more prominent than ever. Artistry allowed Black artists like Nina Simone and writers like Langston Hughes to use their mediums to convey and celebrate Blackness. They laid the foundation for the community that houses Black creativity today. This list of Black creators includes some of the many trailblazers in our generation that have already made their mark on the world with their work. Be sure to follow their pages and engage with their content!


Black Haüs (@blackhausband): Black Haüs’s versatile sound ranges from punk-rock to R&B and pop.

BuddhaBby (@buddhabby): a rapper, model and all-around renegade who embodies confidence in everything she does.

Dexter Jordan (@dexteroj): Jordan has an angelic voice combined with his modern visuals.

Joshua Hall (@xander.dukes): from enticing R&B ballads to deep tracks about the Black experience, Hall delivers authenticity in each and every one of his songs.


Faith Couch (@blackpowerprincess): a Durham native, Couch was included in Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list for Art & Style for her impeccable ability to capture Black experiences and love.

Jay DeLoatch (@byjaydeloatch): from personal photoshoots to creative projects, DeLoatch works to ensure that inclusivity is on display at all times.

Kennedi Carter (@internetbby): currently the youngest person ever to shoot a Vogue cover, Carter’s photography captures the nuances of Black life.

Mariah Tyes-Evans (@_ratedretro): a fine arts photographer, Tyes-Evans works to capture the beauty of women of color in a variety of settings.


Zachary Sutton (@thezacharysutton): Sutton’s work ranges from editorial shoots to collaborations with photographers (like Jay DeLoatch) on their creative projects.

Autumn (@officialautumnn): an artist and model extraordinaire, her work screams one thing: range.


Jon Goode (@jon_goode): Goode uses poetry, prose and short stories to establish meaningful connections with his readers.

Cole Arthur Riley (@blackliturgies): Riley provides spiritually healing content with a Christian focus.


Alex Williams (@alextravonne): a sultry soul singer with a knack for modeling.

Gabrielle (@localblackchild): a YouTuber and owner of Hello Black Child, a beauty and apparel store meant to empower Black women.

Kilo (@earth2kilo): a self-taught inker who works to make his client’s visions come to life in handpoked and machine tattoos.

Wizzo the Poet (@wizzothepoet): a poet/painter/model extraordinaire with a love for all things Black and creative.

Clothing Designers

Who Me Studios (@whomestudios): owned by Isaiah Southerland, this in-house design studio creates quality clothing with cutting-edge designs.

Kyanah Hughes (@hippyky): this commissioned designer creates custom modern pieces for clients.

Fashion Journalism

Tyler Pharr (@kensieeeeee___): this current Meredith student, Class of 2021, channels her impeccable sense of fashion into content about current fashion topics for her magazine, STUDIO 238.

Personal Stylist

Toni Irwin (@allthingstoni): this Meredith Class of 2019 alum and lifestyle coach helps empower women in their journey to self-love.

By Aminah Jenkins, Staff Writer


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