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Pop Culture with Aminah: Halloween Costumes for the Ages

Photo courtesy of Richard Bowen/ Creative Commons

With Halloween just 21 days away, people are hard at work coming up with costume ideas. Here are seven costume suggestions you can pull from for a successful, stress-free holiday.

Individual Costumes

Squid Game Player

This show has only been out for three weeks and has everyone in a frenzy.

What you’ll need:

  • Teal sweatsuit

  • Sneakers

Berries and Cream Lad

The Little Lad who loves berries and cream made his first appearance in a 2007 Starburst commercial. However, his popularity has surged again due to the virality of the sound on TikTok.

What you’ll need:

  • White stockings

  • Dark green or black suit

  • Frilly neck collar

  • Frilly long-sleeved shirt

  • Bobbed wig

Group Costumes

Lana and Archer from Archer

This dynamic duo works as a couple’s costume or for two friends with a fiery friendship.

What you’ll need:


  • White turtleneck dress

  • Gun holster

  • Black thigh-high boots

  • Optional: brown wig


  • Gray suit

  • Black turtleneck and pants

Seven Deadly Sins

This idea requires a little more coordination and a larger group, but it’s still worth it.

Color schemes and props to use:

  • Envy: green, vines and snakes

  • Greed: yellow, money

  • Pride: purple, mirror and peacock

  • Lust: blue, broken hearts

  • Sloth: light blue, pajamas

  • Gluttony: orange, food items

  • Wrath: red, a black book of (fake) names



As a school with an angel mascot, it’s only fitting to include this as an option.

What you’ll need:

  • Angel wings

  • White outfit (as long as you’re comfortable, it doesn’t matter what clothes you wear)

  • Halo


Mystical costumes are always a hit.

What you’ll need:

  • Fairy wings

  • Floral headband

  • Tulle outfit (pants, skirt, dress, etc.)

Suburban dad

You can never go wrong with a parental-inspired costume. For even more fun, use pictures of your dad as a frame of reference.

What you’ll need:

  • Dirty sneakers

  • Ankle socks

  • Polo shirt

  • Khaki pants

  • Belt

  • Baseball cap


Pun costumes are some of my favorites. Having a costume that makes them think is sure to make a great night.

Ideas to pull from:

  • Ducks in a row

  • PB and J

  • Captain Obvious

By Aminah Jenkins, Associate Editor

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