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Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

A cup of coffee, lit candle, small pumpkin, and journal on a bed with fall leaves scattered around and a cozy blanket to the side
Photo courtesy of Twitter/@aesthetic_fall

As summer comes to a gradual end, it calls for a change in fashion. Fall, not to be confused with the “False Fall” that North Carolina experiences, is a time for fuzzy socks and wool sweaters. This article is here to serve as a guide to fall clothing and accessories.

The biggest thing about fall, especially in North Carolina, is knowing what the weather is outside. Fall is notorious for not being cold enough to be completely covered and being too hot to be wearing summer attire. The two most common pairings of clothing in the fall season are a T-shirt and jeans or a sweatshirt and shorts. Both of these combinations work very well with the cold mornings and mild afternoons, but this type of clothing isn’t the only key to fall fashion — color is also an important part of the season.

For a truly fall suited outfit, you should have some article of clothing that has a neutral color. This can range from a cream to a dark khaki. Another option is to have your outfit reflect the colors that leaves turn, such as shades of reds, oranges, browns and yellows. My favorite way to wear these colors is to pair them with light wash jeans for contrast. A fun way to use these colors is to wear them as statement pants and have a neutral color top, or to have these colors as a sweater on top of a neutral outfit. An important thing to remember is the Southern saying “no white after Labor Day.” You can still get away with wearing white if it’s above the waist.

My favorite accessory to use in the fall is a black hat. Black goes with almost everything and a hat truly can tie an outfit together. I also love to add a scarf for both fashion and to help guard against any wind that might be blowing.

As exciting as it is to shop for a new wardrobe for fall, you should always try to shop second hand and remember to go through your closet at the end of every season. Weed through the clothes that you didn’t wear during the summer and donate them to make room for any new clothes for fall. And remember, a pumpkin spice latte is the perfect accessory for any outfit!

By Anna Prince, Staff Writer


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