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Senior Spotlights: Campus Positions

From left to right: Safa Ahmed, Hayden Howlett, Sadie Rounds

Safa Ahmed

“Safa has diligently devoted her time and energy to serve as our Senior Class President over the past school year. Anybody who is lucky enough to know her, knows she is loyal, kind, honest, supportive, and reliable. She is a great friend to growth with and have by your side in life.” -Mei Goodrich, ‘23

Hayden Howlett

“True strength looks like Hayden. She is a courageous leader who never hesitates to take risks or stand up for what she believes is right. She has been one of many to set the example of what a leader on Meredith's campus should look like, and it has been amazing to work alongside her!” -Chorro Jobe, ‘24

Sadie Rounds

“Sadie Rounds is one of the most kind and passionate people I have ever met. As a leader, whether it’s for Corn, Intervarsity, or as a student advisor, Sadie is willing to put 110% into whatever she is doing and to lift up the people around her. I am so grateful to know Sadie and be able to see how she shines when helping others on campus.” -Hannah Gallagher, ‘23

Photo by Grayson Morris, Podcasting Co-Director,

Responses compiled by Aminah Jenkins, Editor in Chief


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