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Senior Spotlights: STEM Scholars

From left to right: Rayna Maleki, Olivia Mason, Zoie Fares

Rayna Maleki

“Rayna, you have been a superstar student, researcher, TA, and overall person! I have been impressed by your initiative, dedication, curiosity, and kindness. Congrats as you graduate and move on to have a positive impact beyond Meredith! ” -Dr. Candalyn Rade

Olivia Mason

“Olivia has been very intentional about making the most of her Meredith College experience. Her academic success has been enhanced by the skills she has developed and the experience she has gained as both a student athlete and in her long-term internship in the technology industry. It has been a pleasure to watch Olivia develop as a leader and I look forward to hearing about her many future successes!” -Kristen Walkins

Zoie Fares

“During her tenure at both Meredith and NC State as a double major, I have found Zoie to be hardworking, diligent, and of high moral and ethical standards. Alongside her admirable academic success, I was inspired by her determination to meet and exceed expectations in research, leadership positions, and acts of philanthropy.” -Suzanne Awamleh

Photo by Grayson Morris, Podcasting Co-Director

Responses compiled by Aminah Jenkins, Editor in Chief


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