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Senior Spotlights: Student Advocates

Denise Bahena-Bustos

"The remarkable thing about Denise is her persistance and willingess to go the extra mile. Her time at Meredith has been marked by an incredible record of SGA involvement, and her stellar academic record has landed her at Indiana University's School of Law. I am incredibly proud of everything she has done!"-Aminah Jenkins, '23

Mikayla Gephart

“Mikayla’s curiosity, insight, and strong moral convictions are as characteristic of her now as they were when I first met her. I’ve never witnessed the status quo stop her from asking the right questions and voicing the impact of policies and practices on disabled students. She considers ideas with a mind that is open but not lost to popular opinion, which has made her perspective invaluable and her company a joy to know.” -Rebecca Simmons, ‘23

Charlie Hatch

“I am so proud of Charlie! Throughout her time at Meredith she has been actively working for the betterment of all communities she's part of -- as an elected member of SGA, as a political organizer, and as a district delegate for the United Methodist Church. I'm excited that she's been accepted to Duke Divinity School to study for the ministry. She's a powerful force for good in this world.” -Dr. Shannon Grimes

Rebecca Simmons

“Rebecca Simmons is a force. Angels for Disability Advocacy President, Student Accessibility Initiative co-chair, Meredith College Democrats officer, and frequent Meredith Herald contributor, Simmons is not only a model student in stunning academic standing, but a deeply involved leader in and outside of class. History waits with baited breath for Rebecca to demonstrate the full range of her passions and strength.” -Professor Zach Linge

Rosemary Vega Escutia

"Rosemary is a thoughtful and generous contributor to the Education community at Meredith. I know she’ll bring those same qualities to her classes as a teacher next year and her students will be lucky to have her in the classroom!" -Dr. Christoph Stutts

Bliss Wells

“Bliss Wells has changed Meredith College, and in particular the Theatre program, for the better. She is a confident leader, a thoughtful friend and mentor, as well as a positive role model. It has been a joy to be her professor, director, and college supervisor as she completes her student teaching. Bliss will be an excellent teacher and I couldn't be prouder of her!” -Professor Cathy Rodgers

Photos by Grayson Morris,

Responses compiled by Aminah Jenkins, Editor in Chief


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