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Senior Spotlights: The Arts

“Ava has been such a supportive member and participant in the Theatre Department this year! Her costumes for Carrie: The Musical were FIRE. I will miss her sass.” -Professor Lormarev Jones

“Carolina Gao is unconditionally kind and incredibly intelligent. She has been a shining light in the theatre department, leading both on and off stage, and a remarkable contribution to the communications department as well. I don't know a single person who doesn't smile when they see her or when her name is mentioned. I know she is bound for even more greatness than the virtuosity she achieved here at Meredith in just four short years. She's a Star!” -Emma K. Johnson, ‘24

“As one of our Siska Scholars, Kylie Hunt has grown from a shy student into a strong and capable person these past four years at Meredith. Watching her gain the confidence to become the talented actor/singer/dancer she was meant to be has been wonderful to observe. I know that Kylie will continue to succeed in whatever path she chooses in life!” -Professor Cathy Rodgers

“Caroline is one of the few stage managers who can say they've stage managed in all three performance spaces: Studio, Jones Auditorium , and the Amphitheater. Her expertise will be greatly missed.” -Professor Lormarev Jones

"I've never met anyone as dedicated as Sarah Page, which means I've never met anyone as busy either. She throws herself fully into everything she does, and all her commitments find equally-important spaces on her color-coded Google Calendar. I couldn't have asked for a better friend or co-editor of The Colton this year,” -Kate Polaski, ‘23

“Lelia is such a compassionate person, and such a hard worker. As one of her Littles, I am a little biased, but her impact on the dance department has been amazing. She truly makes everyone feel welcome wherever she goes.” -Jordan Harrell, ‘24

Photos by Grayson Morris,

Responses compiled by Aminah Jenkins, Editor in Chief


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