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Shops to Support During Pride Month

A blonde girl standing with a pride flag
Photo courtesy of Elinor Shelp-Peck

With Pride Month upon us it is important to not just purchase Pride apparel from larger corporations but also support smaller queer-owned and allied businesses. Some larger brands make donations to LGBTQ+ organizations during Pride Month, but many do not — meaning that the money from a Pride collection purchase may not actually have a positive impact on the queer community. Below is a non-exhaustive list of queer-owned businesses and brands that support the LGBTQ+ community.

Local Businesses

Other End of the Leash is a queer-owned pet boutique and bakery located in downtown Durham. Here shoppers can find supplies for both dogs and cats while also interacting with knowledgeable staff.

Nosh, Grub and Pipers in the Park in Durham are owned by partners Piper Lunsford and Wendy Woods. Nosh is temporarily closed, but both Grub and Pipers in the Park are open and serve wonderful Southern-style food.

Online Businesses

DeerQueer is a queer-owned Etsy shop that is “for queers, gender diverse people and LGBTQIA+ allies.” Their shop has products that are colorful and feature designs made with many LGBTQ+ identities in mind, including allies and supportive parents of queer children.

MegEmikoArt is an Etsy shop that donates proceeds to organizations that support a variety of LGBTQ+ causes. In the past, the shop has given up to 80% of proceeds to the Marsha P. Johnson Foundation, the Trans Justice Funding Project and the Black Trans Travel Fund. The shop has a variety of clothing, stickers and mugs that are a great way to show pride.

QueerlyDesigns is a queer-owned Etsy shop based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This shop’s collection is funny and vibrant — it is definitely somewhere to look for fun ways to celebrate. QueerlyDesigns also accepts custom apparel requests, but with a very large selection of products, there is something for everyone!

YasPetitPoulet is a Canadian queer-owned Etsy business that combines and celebrates both science and the LGBTQ+ community. Between enamel pins, stickers, mugs, bags, art, tape and t-shirts this shop has Pride accessories covered.

Larger Corporations

Converse’s Pride collection was inspired by “five LGBTQIA+ All Stars from around the world [and]...their journey to joy and self-acceptance.” The company has partnered with the It Gets Better Project, Ali Forney Center, BAGLY and OUT MetroWest to support the LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month. With an abundance of color and vibrance, most everyone shopping with Converse is sure to find something.

The subtle look of Dr. Martens’ Pride collection will make a big impact — the company plans to donate $100,000 to the Trevor Project. As part of their statement of support for the LGBTQ+ community, Dr. Martens noted, “For decades, our LGBTQIA+ wearers have been lacing up their Dr. Martens and marching in them. Shaping them into a symbol of rebellion. Resilience. And self-expression.”

For Pride Month, Happy Socks is donating 10% of every Pride purchase to InterPride, a non-profit organization. InterPride works to create LGBTQ+ celebrations worldwide, so what better way to celebrate Pride Month than to wear some Happy Socks during a happy month.

Another great way to support the LGBTQ+ community is to donate directly to non-profit organizations. The LGBT Center of Raleigh is still holding events, accepting monetary donations and volunteers. The LGBTQ Center of Durham is another great resource in the Triangle that has inclusive programming, fun events and support groups.

By Elinor Shelp-Peck, Co-Editor in Chief


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