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Space Girl: Out of This World

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

4 characters on a stage with their fists raised
Photo courtesy of the Meredith College Theatre Department

In the spirit of bringing live theatre back, the Meredith College Theatre Department recently put on Space Girl, a play by Mora V. Harris. This play was adapted into a radio play, complete with costumes, a set and a live audience. Traditionally, a radio play is a play that one can only experience via audio, but the Theatre Department took this medium to a whole new level. Space Girl follows a Zlagdorian girl named Arugula and her father Nancy as they explore Earth and humanity in order to convince their superiors to save Earth from climate change.

For this production, the stage was decorated with floating planets and detailed lights, such as twinkling stars above the actors’ heads. The director and cast also created a language for the Zlagdorians composed of clicks and other noises, which truly brought the play to life. The costumes and actors immersed the audience in the world of the play. From beginning to end, this play was full of laughs, a love story and the story of trying to find yourself in a world where you feel like you don’t belong.

The playwright, Mora V. Harris, visited Meredith to attend a performance. When asked how she felt watching her play come to life as a radio play, she said she was “very impressed and enjoyed the visuals,” along with “how immersive the readings were.”

By Anna Prince, Staff Writer


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